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10 Digital Marketing Platforms for You to Know!

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Automating tasks or generating metrics for analyzing lead behavior and optimizing planning are just some of the Basic characteristics of a good Digital Marketing platform!

And as there is still no single platform with a solution for all the needs of a business, I will present here the 10 main ones, which can Elevate your results with Digital Marketing beyond what you have achieved so far. Follow me!

What is a Digital Marketing Platform?

Imagine having to manually monitor each action of your lead in a Digital Marketing strategy, in an attempt to identify:

  • Which link on your website, blog or email marketing converts the most;
  • What is the best day and time to send content;
  • In which part of it the lead gains or loses interest, etc.

Can you imagine? Well, give it a whirl!

Monitoring data like this is virtually impossible depending on the size of your business (or the size you would like your business to reach).

This is where Digital Marketing platforms come in, offering intelligent and automated systems to immediately identify, classify and act on the information collected during the strategy — without wasting human intelligence!

Furthermore, these platforms serve to save precious time that your team Digital marketing would be losing out on long, repetitive tasks, boiled down to few (or maybe none) clicks.

Now you must be asking yourself:

What is the best Digital Marketing platform?

The truth is that there is no “best” Digital Marketing platform, what exists is the best Digital Marketing platform for a specific need within your company’s planning.

Before choosing the right platform, it is important clarify the goals you want to achieve:

  • Post on social media?
  • Run ads on Google?
  • Create and monitor a blog?
  • Send marketing emails?
  • Generate leads?

Knowing what you need, it’s time to explore the options that can meet those needs — and generate the best results!

As I myself have more than 20 years of experience with marketing and sales projectsand Orgânica is a Digital Marketing agency that has been in existence for more than 15 years, one thing is for sure: we have already tested many platforms in practice (a lot!).

Among them, I can say that there are some better than others and which, not by chance, remain as the most used on the market:

The 10 most used Digital Marketing platforms

1. RD Station

In order to be an exception among Digital Marketing platforms — capable of manage key resources to plan and execute a perfect strategy -, O RD Station was born in Brazil and became market leader in Latin America.

The RD Station does All Digital Marketing Automationprovides data on the presence of businesses on the Internet and definitively resolves the integration of marketing and sales actions, such as:

  • Publication and interaction on social networks;
  • Promotion of Facebook Ads;
  • Page optimization for search engines (SEO);
  • Creation of landing pages, forms, pop-ups…;
  • Lead generation and segmentation;
  • Lead scoring and lead tracking;
  • Email marketing automation;
  • Performance analysis of Digital Marketing channels and much more!

2. HubSpot

It is by automating, managing and integrating different tasks in the planning and practice of an Inbound Marketing strategy that HubSpot remains to this day as one of the world’s leading Digital Marketing platforms.

To know everything this platform can do, take a look at this content:

Tip: HubSpot and Inbound Marketing: learn how to use the tool

3. Hotmart

Featured on dissemination of digital products (also known as infoproducts), the hotmart is a Digital Marketing platform full of solutions that revolutionized distribution (and consumption) of distance education via the Internet.

If you want to sell or buy e-books, video classes and coursesfor example, you can be sure that you will have good experiences within this platform, which has an exclusive payment system, easily customizable sales pages and its own application to manage your business information, among many other features!

4. Semrush

If the objective is manage your brand’s digital presence with Content Marketing, the semrush is the platform that optimizes your visibility through different online channels — assisting from content production, as well as distribution and analysis!

I also take the opportunity to tell you the content belowin which I talk a little more about Semrush:

Tip: 9 essential tools for content creation

5. Google Ads

When your ideal customer searches Google for keywords that you pre-define, the Google Ads is the platform that delivers the sponsored links (ads) at the top of the results listenabling delivery to the most interested profiles.

Here at Orgânica, we’ve already shown you how Google Ads works, be sure to check it out!

6. Facebook Ads

Now, if your goal is run ads on Facebook and InstagramO Facebook Ads is the Digital Marketing platform that allows this type of strategy, segmenting by target audience through an almost infinite range of filters — so as not to miss the mark!

You can also access other content of ours to understand if the best option for your company is to use the Google Ads or Facebook Ads!

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s all-in-one platform whose function is to measure website and blog data from start to finish:

  • What are the most visited pages?
  • Where does the traffic come from?
  • How long does a visitor stay on the site?
  • Which key words bring more qualified leads?

to use the Google Analyticsit is necessary to know what are qualified leads and the sales funnel methodology — and you can learn about both in this content:

Tip: What is a sales funnel and how can it impact the success of your business?

8. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is Google’s innovative Digital Marketing platform made for you insert scripts into websites (automated routines) without needing a developer.

With Google Tag Manager, it’s faster and easier to install pixel of Facebook Ads (the platform’s tracker) and connect Google Analytics to leverage the information about visitor behavior — plus more analysis points offered by other platforms installable in the same way!

9. Google Trends

The main resource of Google Trends It is monitor and measure keyword search volume that you are interested in using in your Digital Marketing strategy.

In addition to the popularity of search terms in different time windows, you can filter searches by countries, states, cities and different platforms (such as Google or YouTube).

10. WordPress

WordPress is the platform most popular for building websites, blogs and online stores (e-commerces) because it has a friendly, intuitive, extremely customizable and secure interface.

It is important not to confuse WordPress.org with WordPress.com: the former is the main choice of companies and developers with the ambition to create a professional portalthe second is a test space for amateur blogs.

Strengthen your Digital Marketing strategy with Organic!

At Orgânica, we use several of these platforms together in our daily lives because we meet the different needs of our customers. customers — and that’s exactly what you need to do to meet your company’s requirements!

What can’t be missed is a Digital Marketing plan, so start with it before choosing the ideal platform for your goals:

Don’t forget to also check out the Free Library on Marketing, Sales and Retention from Orgânica and then come back here to choose the best platform of Digital Marketing for your business. Good sales!

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