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Social Media Meltdown: Instagram and Facebook Crash

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Social Media Meltdown: Instagram and Facebook Crash

On March 13th, 2019, users all over the world experienced a sudden and unexpected crash of the two most popular social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook. The platforms were inaccessible for nearly an hour, leaving millions of users frustrated and struggling with their online routines, both personal and business-related.

The outage was reported globally, affecting users in the US, Europe, and Asia. This malfunction, as reported by Facebook, was caused by a “server configuration change” that disrupted the normal operation between servers. But what does this outage signify for these platforms that nearly two-thirds of the global population use daily? How did it impact the users? And importantly, what steps did the companies take to rectify the problem?

The immediate aftermath of the outage saw users flocking to other platforms, such as Twitter, to vent their frustration and joke about the inconvenience. While most users found it amusing, some business owners relying heavily on these platforms expressed their concern.

The Outage and Its Impact

Instagram and Facebook’s crash raised a lot of questions about the necessity and impact of social media on our lives, especially when it involves businesses that depend on it. As a result, some companies lost clients, and some suffered a significant hit financially. It just reaffirmed that social media has not only become an integral part of our lives, but it also commands a massive share of our attention and time.

The global outrage towards the shutdown underscores the enormous influence that Instagram and Facebook have over our daily routines, from posting our personal photos to promoting our businesses, and to even using them to interact and connect with friends and family worldwide.

The companies’ response to the outage was not immediate, and they remained tight-lipped about the reasons for the crash. Users turned to Twitter to seek answers, and eventually, the companies updated their followers with the issue.

How Did The Companies Respond?

Facebook’s spokesperson, Kathryn McLay, went on record to say that the network is aware of the “ongoing issues” some people are experiencing, assuring the public that their team is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Instagram followed in suit with similar assurances, but as expected, the users weren’t impressed with the lack of urgency and transparency regarding what had caused the entire shutdown.

The companies’ response to the outage left a lot of users and business owners anxious and concerned about the future of social media, with many calling for more openness and swift action in case of a similar scenario in the future.

The Importance of Social Media

It is no secret that social media has become a part of our daily lives. From personal to professional use, it can rightly be called the backbone of our social connections. It has become a primary platform to share our opinions, concerns, and desires with others. Moreover, it helps businesses to interact with their existing and potential customers, and also to enhance their outreach.

Especially in these troubling times of pandemic, social media has kept us connected with our loved ones, helped us learn new things, and provided us with entertainment in the privacy of our homes. It has enabled us to adjust to a new normal of life, fueled by social distancing and isolation.


The outage of Instagram and Facebook may have caused some inconvenience, but it also serves as a reminder of the enormous power and impact social media platforms have over our lives. It shows that social media can play a crucial role in the daily routines of many people across the world.

Furthermore, it highlights the need for companies to prioritize transparency and quick action in case of a similar mishap in the future, and implement strong mechanisms to avoid future shutdowns. Despite the impact of the outage, we must recognize it as an opportunity to reflect on the role of these platforms in our lives, and the need to cherish and make the most of the opportunities that social media provides us.


Q.1 What were the reasons for the Instagram and Facebook outage?
Ans: The outage was caused by a “server configuration change” that disrupted the normal operation between servers, as reported by Facebook.

Q.2 Did the outage impact businesses?
Ans: Yes, some companies lost clients, while others took a significant hit financially.

Q.3 How did users respond to the outage?
Ans: Users flocked to Twitter to voice their frustration and wait for an official response concerning the cause of the outage.

Q.4 Can we rely on social media platforms?
Ans: Social media platforms have proven to be indispensable in our daily lives but, like any other technology, they can experience glitches or shutdowns. Hence, we need backup options.

Q.5 Should companies be more transparent about their issues?
Ans: Yes, companies must prioritize transparency and provide quick responses in case of mishaps. It will foster their users’ trust and loyalty.

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