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What is Parler and how does it differ from other social media platforms?

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Title: Parler: The Social Media Platform That Promises Free Speech and Privacy


Social media has become an integral part of our lives, but with it comes a plethora of controversies and concerns. From privacy issues to censorship, the big players like Facebook and Twitter have faced criticism for their handling of the platform. Amid all this, a new social media platform has emerged called Parler. In this article, we will explain what it is, and how it differs from other social media platforms.

What is Parler?

Parler is a micro-blogging platform that has been around since 2018. It aims to provide its users with a platform for free speech, privacy, and content moderation. The platform has been gaining popularity after the 2020 US elections when high-profile conservatives started using it.

Parler is similar to Twitter in terms of its interface, with posts limited to a maximum of 1,000 characters known as “parleys” rather than tweets. The platform allows users to follow other users, express their opinions, and share content with like-minded people.

How is Parler different from other social media platforms?

1. Free Speech:

Parler focuses on free speech as its dominant feature. The platform claims to have a non-biased policy towards political views, and it doesn’t discriminate against content that may be deemed as controversial on other platforms. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Parler doesn’t use algorithms to censor speech. Instead, the platform relies on its users to “moderate” themselves by providing them with tools to mute, block, or report any content that violates their community guidelines.

2. Privacy:

Privacy is another key selling point of Parler. It doesn’t collect data or track user activity, and it doesn’t use the data to deliver targeted ads. Furthermore, users have complete control over their data and can delete their account and all its associated data anytime they want.

3. Censorship:

Parler takes a hands-off approach to content moderation, and it doesn’t remove any content unless it is illegal. The platform allows users to post content that may be considered hate speech or violent, making it an ideal platform for outspoken conservatives who feel censored or shadow-banned on other platforms.

4. User-driven moderation:

Parler relies on users to moderate the platform. The platform provides its users with tools to report content that violates their guidelines, and it relies on the community to flag and moderate content that is deemed inappropriate. This approach to moderation may lead to inconsistencies in content moderation since it is subjective and varies from user to user.

5. Smaller audience:

One significant drawback of Parler is that it is still a relatively small platform compared to Twitter and Facebook. Though it has gained popularity among conservatives, it hasn’t had the same impact on the broader population. Moreover, the lack of content moderation may discourage users who are concerned about hate speech and violence.


Parler is a social media platform that caters to free speech, privacy, and content moderation. Its hands-off approach to content moderation has helped it gain popularity among conservatives, who feel censored or shadow-banned on other platforms. Though it has many positive features, it has its fair share of drawbacks, such as its smaller audience and its user-driven moderation policy. Whether it can sustain its popularity or not remains to be seen.


Q1: Is Parler available only in the US?

Ans: No, Parler is available worldwide, and anyone can sign up for the platform.

Q2: How is Parler different from Gab?

Ans: Both Gab and Parler are similar in their approach to content moderation and free speech. However, Gab has a more controversial reputation, and it may attract more extremist users.

Q3: Can I use Parler on my mobile device?

Ans: Yes, Parler is available on Android and iOS devices.

Q4: How does Parler make money?

Ans: Parler is a privately-funded platform, and it generates its revenue through subscriptions and advertising.

Q5: How secure is Parler?

Ans: Parler relies on strong encryption and end-to-end security to protect its users’ data. However, it is not immune to hacking or data breaches.

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