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39% of digital consumers are willing to spend more than R$250.00 per month on purchases through social networks

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A survey carried out by Capterra shows that most respondents are influenced by paid advertising

Important dates for e-commerce such as Customer Day, celebrated on September 15; World Cup, which starts on November 20; and Black Friday, which will take place on November 25, should serve as a stimulus to boost sales in the second half of 2022. An unprecedented survey carried out by Capterra, a software comparison platform, presents some trends on the profile of consumer purchases in social networks and how much he is willing to spend on transactions through these channels.

The survey showed that six out of ten respondents (62%) have already purchased via social networks. Of this group of respondents, 60% said they are influenced by paid ads from companies. The study was carried out in the first semester with 1024 participants aged between 18 and 75 years from all regions of Brazil.

For Capterra’s Content Analyst, Marcela Gava, “this data reinforces that ad pieces may not be seen as intrusive, serving as an important decoy for brands in their Marketing actions”. The survey also presents the average monthly spending of users on purchases through social networks: 39% of respondents are willing to spend more than R$250.00 per month through these channels – the result refers to the sum of all percentages of the spent over BRL 250.00/month.

Purchase transactions occur more frequently on more traditional social networks. According to the Capterra survey, Instagram leads with 70%, followed by Facebook (67%) and WhatsApp (56%). With the dates for the e-commerce boom approaching, companies should be on the lookout for opportunities. The products most consumed by respondents in purchases via social networks are: clothes and shoes (53%); Home/Decor and Supermarkets were tied (39%). Next, electronics (35%) and Restaurant (34%), respectively.

Taking into account the items most consumed by users, it is possible to dedicate advertising efforts, especially with the use of social media marketing software, focusing on these sectors to increase sales in the coming months. According to research carried out by All iN Social Miner, sales on Black Friday 2021 generated revenue of 5.41 billion reais.

The survey also showed consumer concern about cybersecurity. Although the rate of users who have already purchased on social networks is high, there are those who have not tried the modality, but are interested in the experience. When asked about the main impediment to purchasing via social networks, just over half of respondents (53%) said they were concerned about the risks posed by social media platforms.

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