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Online Advertising Management

Pronto para projetar a sua marca? Conheça o nosso serviço de gestão de publicidade online.

Online Advertising Management

Show your product or service to those who are looking for them

What is online advertising management?


Main advantages of an online advertising management service

The Online Advertising Channels we use


Correct positioning to attract new users

Ao aplicarmos as mais avançadas técnicas de gestão e colocação de publicidade


Effective Management = Return

The knowledge of advanced techniques for managing AdWords PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns that only Google certified professionals give you is fundamental to achieving your objectives. Our team guarantees you effective management of your online advertising management.


Constant tuning

Constantly changing ads is key to comparing metrics. Did you know that simply including ellipses in a sentence can increase your ad's click-through ratio by 135% just because it's a natural way to indicate that there's more information following the ad? Small details make all the difference.


Protect your investment

Don't let the search for immediate results lead to low returns. We provide the possibility to position your sponsored advertising correctly in order to achieve high return results.

We give you all the answers

What are your doubts?

No. It is possible to advertise for as little as £1, but the return is directly linked to the quality of the content and the investment made in the advertising project. 


There is a false sense that Google is more expensive to advertise with, but the real result to be measured is the cost per customer acquisition. Keep in mind that the ratio of value invested/customer gained is what drives the turnover of your business.


On any digital platform, there is a need for the campaign to be well ideated, created and monitored, otherwise your investment will have gone in vain and the objectives will not be met or frustrated. 

The Digital Marketing Agency can help you in this mission. 

It depends. They are different things. On google your brand reaches customers who are looking for something at that moment. On social media, the viewer is interrupted by the appearance of an ad while watching a funny video.


Imagine someone needs a plumber. It’s likely that search will be done by Google instead of Instagram, agree? 


Now imagine that on Facebook there is a lot of interest in slim-toed shoes, which is exactly what your company offers. Add the fact that this is a niche topic of interest within Facebook in a city and audience with specific characteristics. It might make sense to advertise on Facebook. 


The ideal is that both strategies are tested so that in the end, they become complementary and bring your marketing obejtives, which can be from notoriety to conversion. 

Yes, it is possible to advertise on Linkedin, Spotify, YouTube and other sites, with different formats and strategies. Remember that each platform has its own characteristics and the big challenge is to understand if your audience is on the right platform so that your business arrives with the ideal message. 

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Marketing de Conteúdo

Create content of value and interest for your customers. We create a long-term content strategy in order to publish regularly and improve your brand image, transmit trust and build customer loyalty.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Implementation of Search Engine Optimization strategies on your website in order to improve organic positioning in search engines.


Social Media Management

We manage your social networks and schedule your communication. Increase and improve your digital presence and online reputation through social networks.

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