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Video Marketing

We produce promotional videos for brands and people who
want to communicate with their audience

video marketing

Create engagement and a close relationship with your audience

Main advantages of a video marketing service


Practical uses of video marketing

Types of Video Marketing

explanatory video

Explanatory video of animation, motion graphics, 2D or with real images that explain a concept, a tool, an action, a service or a functionality.

advertising video

Video presentation or promotion of a product, service or functionality that you want your target audience to know about and, preferably, to purchase it.

Institutional video

Video presentation of a company, brand or business. Video usually with real images, related to fundamental aspects of the professional activity.

video social media

Short, interesting, generally humorous videos, whose main objective is to get a reaction from the audience, whether in a like, comment or share.

testimonial video

Video with real images, of the type of interview, in which the person gives a testimony, comment or opinion about a product, service, company or brand.

drone video

Personalized video, whose main attribute is the collection of quality aerial images, under the guidance of a video professional who drives the drone.

Learn about the video marketing process

How does your video creation work?



All information is collected, as well as the objectives of the video are defined;



Definition of the type of video to be created, language, image, details and the entire structure;



Video capture, image and video editing, effects addition, sound enhancements, final story production;



Review with the client of the details and details to be improved. Final video analysis;



Delivery of personalized and optimized video to the customer ready to be used in different channels.

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