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About Us

About Franetic

Let us tell you a little more about Franetic, your digital marketing agency, and what we believe in.

The name “Franetic” comes from the word “frenetic” and for us it means the relentless pursuit of the positive things in life. Let us tell you a story, did you know that according to the longest study ever conducted on happiness, what makes a life good is good human relationships. A fact about Franetic is that it relentlessly aims to bring these values into the world of work and to increase productivity, professionalism, commitment, with good human relations where trust and loyalty are the norm rather than the exception.

Franetic is a Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to driving business through digital transformation and we have a talented and qualified team that will help you increase your company’s online visibility and attract new customers.

We believe that awakening intrinsic motivation in ourselves and in others is of utmost importance for individual and collective professional success. That is why we want to be a team where everyone feels good, identifies with their work, and is committed on a daily basis. This is the only way we can provide our clients with above average quality work and guarantee their satisfaction.

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About Franetic

why Franetic

To create the name “Franetic” we were inspired by the Mexican culture, we tried to think of something that would bring a positive and lively charge to our name and we remembered in particular the celebration of the “Dia de Los Muertos”!

Did you know that unlike Eastern peoples, where there is traditional mourning over death, in Mexico death is celebrated! It’s true! They choose to celebrate and remember the life, the moments, the experiences, the positive things that the person had throughout their life.

In Mexican culture the “Catrina”, is the skull that symbolizes human equality in the face of death, the colors and decorations symbolize positive memories and the joy of living in the face of adversity.

“Si nada nos salva de la muerte al menos que el amor nos salve de la vida.”

Franetic, The Digital Marketing Agency!

Because we might as well tell you right now

We are not good at everything

However, we know how to create brands and help you in the digital transformation of your company.

We don't like the "client who doesn't nag".

We like participative customers who question things in a healthy way.

We are not cheap

We are a team of qualified professionals focused on the return on your investment.

We are honest

We don’t sell a pig in a poke, and we are true to our word. We are transparent in the way we work.

We don't always make proposals

If we feel we can’t bring you a return or if we don’t identify with the brand’s purpose.

we believe in the value of a real team

We bring together people with different skills to form a united, capable team.

Formality and informality go hand in hand

We are a working team but we are also friends and companions.

We can fail

It is true and if any agency tells you otherwise, they are not telling the truth.

We celebrate our achievements

We fight day by day to conquer your and our goals.

We believe in commitment and dedication

Today, we know that by bringing creativity and technology together we can improve businesses.

Learn more about Franetic and how we help you create your brand and use technology to improve your business, helping you choose the best digital path to your goals.

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Disponha de uma equipa qualificada, profissional e empenhada e saia mais sobre a Franetic.

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