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5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales

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Many entrepreneurs often ask me Digital Marketing tips to increase sales, so I decided to gather the main ones in this article. Come on?

O e-commerce lives a very good moment, being even enhanced by the pandemic. And when I say e-commerce, I’m not just referring to online retail, but to businesses originating from the Internet, whether commerce, service or industry.

To give you an idea, while physical stores were closed due to restrictive measures to combat Covid-19, e-commerce sales grew by more than 48% in the first three months of the pandemic in Brazil (March, April and May), reaching an incredible 75% growth in May 2020.

Competition between companies in the digital environment has also strengthened. Hence the doubts:

  • How do I make my company’s website be found by customers?
  • Where should I start?
  • What should I invest in?

I will answer all these questions by presenting you 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales. Check out!

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

1. Get found easily

Is having a website important? Much. But is it enough? Not.

It’s no use if your customers can’t find you.

In order for them to find you, you need invest in content and get a good positioning in search engines — especially Google, of course.

To be in first page of Google is to make your company always in the spotlight. After all, when the user searches for something, he wants a quick answer. You will rarely be browsing through several pages to find what you are looking for.

Think about your Internet searches. You probably start by going to the sites that appear on the first page, right? And how do they manage to appear there?

In addition to Content Marketing, companies use techniques to optimize the sites and increase the chances of going up in the Google ranking.

Produce content — usually on a blog — with key words that are relevant to the target audience; use SEO techniques; improve page loading speed… All this makes a difference.

Having a Google-relevant website helps even when pay cheaper fur CPC (Cost per Click) of your advertisements, a subject that I will address next.

Google My Business

Another very important tool is Google My Business. In it you can register your company’s address for free with telephone, website, opening hours and reviews from other customers (fundamental!).

So, when someone searches for businesses within a specific location (eg: “tourist agency in São José dos Campos”), your business will be more likely to be found.

2. Know your Ideal Customer Profile

If you want increase online sales before starting any marketing strategy, step number one is create your persona.

After all, what’s the point of spending time and money producing content and ads if they’re targeted to the wrong people?

Go beyond just knowing the gender, age and social class of your audience. Find out what your pains, needs, desires, achievements, frustrations, dreams, idols, hobbies are…

The more information you have about the persona, rest assured: your strategy will have a much better chance of success.

Oh, and if you don’t know how to differentiate between target audience and persona, I recommend this article:

Tip: Persona and target audience: understand the main differences

3. What content are you able to offer?

I talked about the importance of content there in the first topic, right? It’s because there’s no way around it: you can search for the best Digital Marketing tips in three hundred places, and in all of them Content Marketing will be mentioned.

O organic traffic — which by the way is a strong point here at — is essential for anyone who wants to increase online sales. It basically consists of bring your audience to your website, without having to pay therefore. It works as a company asset to stay in the top positions of Google, always in evidence, always close.

And how to get? Incessantly telling him to buy and sending your link to random people on WhatsApp? No!

delivering content that generates value that is really relevant and that makes your client think: “Oops, these people know what they’re talking about”.

For example, do you have an online clothing store? It can be interesting to set up a blog and write articles about fashion tips, the ideal look for each event, present the trends for the year…

From the moment you manage to get the customer to come to the store, you generate a lead and create relationship, and then it becomes much easier to convince him to buy. This is how the sales funnel and inbound marketing works.

But remember: first you need to define your persona and then think about issues that are relevant to each stage of the consumer journey.

If you want tips on how to find the ideal content and keywords for your business, check out this other article:

Tip: Learn to research keywords!

4. Optimize your campaigns

By tracking the metrics obtained with organic traffic, you get important information such as, for example, what type of content your audience spends the most time reading, the most clicked products, which are the most visited pages and the keywords that generate the most engagement. .

From there, you can use the paid traffic (the famous advertisements) to speed up the conversions, increase online sales and retain the interest of the persona. This is because you will have a very precise segmentation in hand.

You will be able to separate your audience by gender, age, location, interests, channels and most used devices, before you start running the ad.

That’s why Digital Marketing is so effective. After all, what offline advertising would allow for this kind of targeting?

And once again: understood the importance of meet your persona? Without this, the chances of losing money are great.

It’s worth remembering that Google Ads isn’t the only place you can advertise. You can also advertise on Facebook and Instagram, for example.

A material that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn about traffic is this free eBook developed in partnership with RD Station: click here to see it.

5. Go beyond social media

Within Digital Marketing, social networks are the most popular channels. After all, who doesn’t have a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube today?

Data from Instagram itself reveals that over 1 billion accounts use the social network per month worldwide. Furthermore, 90% of users follow at least one company there.

These are really impressive numbers, and social media should indeed be part of your Inbound Marketing strategy. However, they cannot be the only channels for those who want to increase online sales.

Remember that Inbound consists of attract the public and keep a constant relationship through Content Marketing and various channels, which should be used at each stage of the sales funnel.

So, here are some Inbound Marketing techniques that you can use in partnership with your social media positioning:


After getting to know these 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales we can summarize the content of this article as follows:

  1. Know your persona very well;
  2. Invest in well-made content to generate organic traffic and increase your authority on the Internet;
  3. With the metrics obtained from organic traffic, invest in well-targeted ads;
  4. Use Inbound Marketing techniques to attract and retain customers;
  5. Social networks are important, but not enough for a good Digital Marketing strategy.

Well… I hope these tips have been really helpful for your business strategy. Take the opportunity to subscribe to our blog in the form at the bottom of this page. So, you won’t miss the other Organic Digital Marketing tips!

We have over 14 years of experience in Inbound Marketing and a team that specializes in all the techniques mentioned in this article — like SEO, Content Marketing, website and landing page creation, email marketing, organic traffic, and social media.

Click here to see some of our successful cases.

A big hug and until next time!

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