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1 – Be open to interact openly with us. From this interaction will be born the ideal solution for your project.

2 – If it is a project related to something you intend to register as a brand or a patent you should create a confidentiality agreement. Whether it is a product, service and/or company, it should be signed by both, so that neither party runs any risk.

3 – Regarding the contents of documents in translations, professional secrecy is very important, because many times they are legal documents, patents or other documents with confidential information and it is important that the client knows he can trust the translator with the information, for example.

4 – Regarding Web design, being an extremely subjective area of what the project may be, the client has to take into account, and should inform if he has hosting and registered domain, because these services are necessary for the development of the page and are provided by external companies.

Among others…

We are a company with professionals trained in various areas, from: Marketing (focus on Digital) and Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography, IT Development, among others…
Franetic was created in late 2020, but we have professionals with more than 5 years of experience working with companies in various fields.
In addition to professionals with knowledge of different languages, we are friendly, responsible and dedicated.
Take advantage of the full potential of digital communication!

1 – Essentially I think it is necessary to have dialogue and clarity of ideas about what is intended. A good communication from the first moment in order to clarify the intended objectives and which solutions are indicated is the best way to establish a relationship of trust and success for both parties.

2 – Always take into consideration the quality-price factor, that is, don’t let yourself be influenced only by low-cost prices that later turn out to be expensive in a pejorative sense. Sometimes it is necessary to invest a little more and guarantee a work with more quality.

3 – An analysis service, marketing or even web design, will get tangible results. These areas effectively have results, and will take the company to another level. The entrepreneur
must understand that it is an investment and not an expense.

3 – When hiring a company, the client should always look for someone who will offer strategic solutions and also solutions that will actually enhance his business.

Our company was created by joining the skills of several qualified professionals from different areas that as a team can respond to ambitious projects in the areas of Marketing (focus on digital), design, video, advertising and much more …

Since the beginning we have tried to understand the needs of all entrepreneurs with small and medium businesses, who seek quality service.

All kinds of customers in various sectors of activity, from financial services, construction, sports, rental, catering, tourism, etc.

Small and medium-sized companies, self-employed professionals and individual investors.

All were different challenges and equally captivating, so be next! We look forward to seeing you! 🙂

1 – There is always a reference value for each service that is available for consultation.

2 – However, all projects should be analyzed case by case in order to try to reduce costs as much as possible.

3 – In case the project may be more complex than it seems, even escaping the usual standards, there may be additional costs, which should not be seen as a higher price, but as an investment.

4 – This way it will be possible to dedicate more hours to the work so that it has the best quality possible.

5 – At the consulting level we usually work with monthly fees, unless it is a specific project. As for web design, we usually work with fixed values.

What good is an investment, small or big, if the result is not to be of quality?
Get in touch 🙂

Describe a recent project that you have enjoyed executing. What did it consist of? How long did it take to complete it?

95% of the time everything is done remotely.
Email and skype are our tools of choice in the relationship with the client.
Everything is processed extremely well this way, without any difficulty in communication, being always online either by email, facebook, skype or cell phone.
Payments are also made in the same way.
This applies to new and existing customers.
Face-to-face meetings are only provided when specifically requested and if travel to the client is justified.

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