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8 Ps of Digital Marketing: what are they and what are they for?

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Before, the concept of 4Ps — also called Marketing Mix — had almost everything professionals needed to know to plan or put into action a working marketing strategy.

But the scenario changed so radically with the arrival of the Internet and the popularization of cell phones that other 4Ps needed to be added to the original mix to make the Digital marketing more assertive and coherent.

I’ll show you what they are — and what they’re for — all 8 Ps of Digital Marketing: both the first 4 and the new 4. Follow up!/

8 Ps Method of Digital Marketing

Conrado Adolphoone of the biggest Digital Marketing Specialists in Brazilwas one of the first people to talk about how the 4Ps were not enough to create a Marketing strategy capable of competing in the digital world.

Conrado was such an important driver in the expansion of the 4 Ps to the 8 Ps, that the concept gained popularity in the strategic education of the Digital marketing around the world — as it taught how to connect the different tools of sales modern, in a uniform flow of application.

However Adolpho wasn’t trying to create an absolute solution for the Marketing Mix in digital mediumhis focus was on updating the requirements that this new era brought to professionals who consumed digital for commercial purposes (Marketing and sales).

Since then, we’ve gone from 4Ps to the 8Ps of Digital Marketing:

What are the 8 Ps of Digital Marketing?


Product is the first P among the 8 Ps of Digital Marketing because it’s what you sell — and it’s one of the first things your customers see about your brand.

A product is not just a consumable object: it can be a service, a transformation or a vision — and works best when it has all these features at once.

Without a solid product — that is, without the need for your product to exist on the market — there is little chance that you will succeed in your endeavor.

Therefore, investing time contemplating and optimizing the product is one of the most important steps in direction of success!


What sets the P in the price of a product is not the result of a scientific equation that covers the costs, investments, distributions and profits for your brand.

These data are essentialof course — because you won’t be able to sell a product to a few people or that causes financial losses — but the pricing doesn’t stop there!

The OP of your price needs to be measured by the value of the transformation that your product will cause in the buyer’s life. This is what we call “perceived value”—one of the biggest determinants of profit in the marketplace.


Square OP is the concept related to How does your product reach your customer? — or vice versa.

Pay attention to distribution and journey of discovery (and awareness) between your production and your buyer is only possible if you understand your client:

  • Where does he live?
  • What does he like?
  • How do you shop?

Will know difference between target audience and persona will catapult your sales so I recommend that you read our content so you don’t get left behind:

Tip: Persona and target audience: understand the main differences


The OP of the promotion is not an offer or a settlement: it is a how the product will be advertised.

Promotion (in the sense of promoting, not offering) can be defined by what your company does so that the ideal customer comes to your business.

At the Digital marketingone of the most profitable ways to promote a brand is through Inbound Marketing with content creation — something that Organic has been doing it for over 15 yearsand that I often teach how to do it here on the blog!


People is one of the 8 Ps of Digital Marketing that defines how much you know the human beings involved in your business: from your team to your consumer.

  • Do you know what makes an exemplary team?
  • Does your company provide excellent customer service?
  • Do you know what vocabulary your consumers use to communicate?

I insist again on how much you need to know what it is (and how to build it) personas specific to different angles of your product — so access the digital book below right now!

Law Suit

You can think of the P of processes as the internal and external workflows that optimize the constant generation of value from your business to your team — and, consequently, for your audience.

Clear tasks, obvious systems and predictable routines are just some of the features that reduce time wasted on stressful processes, while increase the productivity (and results) of your product!


Also known as the P of palpability, positioning defines how your company is perceived by the customer.

While the product is the material that represents the figure of your business, the positioning is the personality of this representation: the identity, authority, and voice used to communicate with your ideal audience.

Positioning is another essential item in dominating your niche in the market read this content to make your positioning less abstract and more assertive:

Tip: Brand Positioning: Examples of Digital Marketing


The last of the 8 Ps of Digital marketing is performance: what is the proportion of positive results does your company get out of the invested resources?

To obtain clear data during a performance, analysis it is necessary to define objective and relevant indicators to measure progress (or backtracking) from point A to point B — and so on.

There’s no hassle when it comes to categorizing, analysing and interpreting metrics, so the sooner you learn how to do it, the better!

Start by reading this other content here from organic — it has everything you need:

Tip: Digital Marketing Indicators and Metrics: Learn how to use them

How to apply the 8 Ps?

Have you noticed what is the recurring theme of the 8 Ps of Digital Marketing?

And the tactical planning: a sure way of not jumping blindly into the red ocean of the market!

Identifying, improving and measuring the strengths and weaknesses of a product are the foundations of an advanced strategy that leaves no doubt as to what the next steps are to practice.

But, although the 8 Ps help in positioning your business in front of the competition, is not the only element that determines success as a whole: competition itself is much fiercer for reasons that go beyond planning. But that is a subject for our next meeting.

What is clear is that sales methods change frequently and the 8 Ps of Digital Marketing are a great example of this, as they continue to cross the years and guide new businesses since their inception — in the 1990s. 1960.

To save you from getting lost in these updates and methodologies, we have a library of free materials here at Orgânica!

On your next read, I also take the opportunity to indicate: it should be our Digital Marketing planning guide to assemble strategies that really convert. Good studies!

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