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Advertising campaign ‘Gol de Pix’, by Casas Bahia, has Vinícius Jr. like star

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Forward for the Brazilian national team and Real Madrid, Vinícius Júnior is winning the hearts of football lovers around the world

forward of Brazilian Team and Real Madrid, Vinícius Júnior is winning the hearts of football lovers around the world, especially in Brazil. Thus, several companies are hiring him for their marketing and advertising campaigns, and this was the case of Casas Bahia, which launched the “Gol de Pix” campaign on September 12th. The football star appears in action alongside the company’s mascot, CB.

“Brazilians love football and they like to cheer. Cheering with the possibility of making money, it gets much better, doesn’t it? And to summon the crowd for this unprecedented campaign, we brought the guy with the goal, forward Vini Jr., and CB, who is the guy from Pix, forming our star duo. We will all be on the field cheering for Brazil and for the rout of Pix from Casas Bahia and banQi customers”, said Ilca Sierra, CXMO of Via, the company that owns the Casas Bahia and Ponto brands.

Thus, the promotion took advantage of the passion of Brazilians for football, selection, Pix and earning money to promote the brand. This is done in a similar way by bookmakers that accept pixvirtual entertainment platforms that now accept guesses on the Seleção, even allowing gamblers to pay through the Central Bank’s transfer system, so that the money falls into the account quickly and conveniently, without the need to enter card details or wait one day to cash tickets.


Valid for the friendly matches in Brazil in September, the promotion was developed by the agency VMLY&R and the marketing team at Via. In it, people who buy in establishments compete for prizes if Brazil wins the next game, and the credits fall into the winners’ account already in October, for the September games – on the 23rd, the team faces Ghana and, on the 27th, Tunisia.

Cristian Santoro, executive director of the VMLY&R agency, explained the idea behind the partnership: “Gol and Pix: two words that don’t come out of the mouths of Brazilians. And in football, it’s no different. We always see players asking their teammates and fans for Pix when they score goals. What we did was to combine these two words and this behavior that already exists so, for the first time, not only the players win to play, but the consumer also win to cheer for Brazil. What we most want to hear is the crowd asking: Casas Bahia sends Pix”.


With popularity soaring, Vini Jr. closed with other companies in this pre-World Cup period. That was the case of Vivo, which called him to be the brand ambassador in the coming months, and also to star in advertising campaigns. Vivo has been an official sponsor of the team since 2005, and this year launched the campaign that leaves the message that “the dream of the hexa is more alive than ever”.

The Real Madrid striker is publicizing the action on social media, having even met several times with streamer Casimiro for this, who also became a partner of the company during this World Cup season. In a statement, Vivo’s brand and communication director, Marina Daineze, spoke about both celebrities, saying that the two are admired among football fans in Brazil. By bringing them to publicize the telephony brand, the company talks more directly with the Brazilian public.

Before Vini Jr. Vivo’s ambassador was Gabriel Jesus, hired in 2018 at the time of the World Cup held in Russia. Today, the Real Madrid striker stands out for his impressive performance at the Spanish club, while Casimiro also counts as a big name, as he has recently returned to the top of the global ranking of subscribers on the Twitch streaming platform.

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