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After all, what is valuable content and how to create it?

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Content Marketing is based on creating “value content” — and what does that mean anyway?!

That, when planning and producing content — be it an article for a blog, a publication for social networks and so on —, it is first necessary to think How will this material go? impact whoever consumes.

If your company is already putting Content Marketing into practice and doesn’t usually do it, I’ll help you rethink your strategy as a whole and assess if it’s not just focusing on “create content by creating” and present the company commercially.

Or, if you have just discovered Content Marketing as a strategy capable of generate better results for your company, you’ve also come to the right place. Follow me to understand, once and for all, what valuable content is and how to create it!

What can NOT be considered valuable content?

Although it seems obvious, pay close attention what I have to tell you here! Valuable content is definitely not content that:

  • misinform;
  • It is “more of the same”;
  • It doesn’t generate results.

But bear with me a little, I’ll show you why:

Content that misinforms

The content that misinforms is that built with false information — intentionally or not! This type of content ends confusing who consumes it it is also misleading, which is mainly why it cannot be considered as valuable content.

In fact, misleading content may have rather disastrous consequences when it spreads, even more so when it comes to matters like health or finances. Have you thought?!

“More of the Same” Content

“More of the same” content is that no personality which does not bring any kind of own opinion or new knowledge — neither intellectual nor practical.

It is the famous content that only “fills sausage”, which says a lot of things, but it doesn’t lead anywhere!

Content that doesn’t generate results

Content that does not generate results is often related to the other two types. After all, it is very unlikely that content that misinforms or “more of the same” will give any result to your company!

And when I talk about results, what could they be? Consider these examples:

  • Google positioning;
  • Brand positioning;
  • leads;
  • Sales…

So, if it doesn’t generate results like these, is no longer a valuable content – that simple!

Tip: Leads: what they are and how to generate them to sell more

But then, what is valuable content and how to create it?

Value content is relevant, useful material that conveys a quality information which generates a real benefit or even some practical application for the consumer.

Plus, true value content helps your brand achieve the goals you set in your Content Marketing strategy planning — like the sample results I listed above — and the build a relationship of trust with the public!

Some content formats, such as step-by-step blog articles, for example, offer a direction for the reader to reach the best result through best practices. This is the case of Step by step to create a successful blog!, offered by us, from Franetic.

There are also those valuable contents that, even without an immediate practical application, generate a real benefit to provide even more knowledge delving deeper into a subject, as in our article Inbound Marketing on YouTube: how to do it?.

With all this in mind, just never forget that, in order to define content as “of value”, a lot of thought is given to its size, but the truth is that “long” or “short” has no direct relationship with the content. quality and result.

Eventually, at Franetic, we send emails that are really long — and that receive responses like:

There is also a phrase that I like and that makes sense to comment with you here:

“Far is where you don’t want to go.”

Remember this: if a place you really want to go is miles away, you find a way to go. It does not give? I’m sure yes!

Likewise, even “short” content can become “long” — if it sucks! Then the value content can be of various sizesas long as it is good, pleasurable, and delivers real value to those who consume it.

But how to ensure, then, the creating content that truly delivers results? Follow the steps below:

  • Objectives, indicators and metrics: setting objectives and monitoring the KPIs, targets and deadlines for each KPI will help to measure the success of the content (and the achievement of objectives);
  • Company and target audience context: analyze the market, niche, competition, target audience, personas, etc.;
  • Editorial line: determine the main and secondary themes, carrying out a study of keywords, the content funnel and the “personality” of the brand;
  • Content formats: have clarity on Digital Marketing channels and content distribution possibilities;
  • Content calendar: define the channels, content formats and publishing frequency in each of them.

By the way, you can better visualize all the points in this content here:

Tip: Social Media Content Calendar 2022 [Grátis]

And what I called “personality” of the above brand can even be an understanding of its beliefs, values, differentials and principles for the production of content!

By the way, before I continue, I’ll also let you peek one of the principles of organic:

How can valuable content drive results?

You are already understanding that it is very important to have well-defined the content production goals. Right?

This is because the same blog article, for example, which provides a great experience during consumption, can be optimized for search engines and for lead generation, also providing great results for the company how to get on the first page of Google, generate leads and more sales opportunities — all at once — if those are the goals with him!

And I say from experience: here at Franetic, the blog articles, the emails of our email marketing strategy and the rich materials from the free library on Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention (offered during the articles and emails) are the types of content that bring us the most results like the ones I will show you now.

Increase in organic traffic

The increase in organic traffic — the one you you don’t need to invest in ads to receive — is one of the most interesting results when a company’s blog, for example, is formed by value content.

The experience of valuable content sends a good signal to Google, which understands that content is relevant and places it among the top positions in search results.

Also, blog readers themselves will be more likely to share the content with others, further increasing traffic!

Attracting and generating leads

Another result of valuable content is the attraction and generation of leads. In Content Marketing, one way to generate leads is through rich materials offer.

To access these materials, leads provide strategic information to the company — completely voluntarily.

At Organic, for example, we have over 60 free materials, and our lead generation champion is an ebook, but we also have spreadsheets, process templates, and checklists that bring a lot of results. Take a look at one of them!

More engagement, more sales!

The more value you generate, the more engagement you have which will result in more sales — both for new customers and for those retained and loyal customers!

After all, by having access to quality content, they will realize that your company is an expert in what it says and will have more security to trust your work.

For this, it is necessary to be present in Digital Marketing channels that your ideal customer profile is, also considering the content formats they consume:

The most used value content formats

Blog articles and social media posts

Blog articles are nothing more than online texts — like the one you are reading now — that deal with different topics, generating audience, engagement, and authority and making your brand a reference.

Publications on social networks tend to assume other formats, even more interactive, like the ones you probably already know. Instagram is a great example of this: there are image carousels, Reels, Stories… and just like articles, all of these formats can contain text and bring the same benefits!


e-books are digital books usually built to function as a complete guide about a certain subject. See our example:

How e-books deliver very detailed content carries a great perception of value!


The templates are ready models which can be used by the lead immediately after conversion — and of course, I wouldn’t fail to give an example of my own: access the template below and see how it works in practice!

Tip: Template: Complete Outbound Marketing Cadence Flow


In the same way as templates, in general, spreadsheets are also structured as a ready-to-use template as well as our Lead Calculator:


Infographics are a visual way of presenting content using text, images, illustrations and even GIFs.

The purpose of this content format is to transmit information in a more playful and didactic way and has a greater viral potential than other content — precisely because it is more summarized, visual and easy to share.

Videos, live classes and podcasts

Similar to e-books, videos are often intended to convey more in-depth content.

Other examples are the live classes, available on YouTube channel in addition to some quick videos, in the form of animation, which we have already published:

There is also audio content, known as podcasts and one of the main advantages of these content formats is to allow their consumption while carrying out other activities — which has become increasingly common in the rush of everyday life!


Emails allow direct communication with leads and customers where you can build an even more relevant relationship with them.
In addition, an email marketing strategy makes it possible for content to be customized according to their interests and interactions with your brand — and one of the widely used tools for this, which is worth knowing more about, is the lead. tracking!

Create valuable content for your company with Franetic!

After everything I told you about value content, it should already be clear to you all the potential that it delivers in Content Marketing.

In fact, that’s why, here at Franetic, we also invest in valuable content to generate results for our own strategy.

if you want to have results as good as ours, do not hesitate to speak with one of our experts. We are ready to help you!

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