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All About Parler: What You Need to Know About the Popular Social Media Platform

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Parler is the newest social media sensation in town. Since being founded in 2018, it has gained significant popularity, especially among people who feel censored on mainstream platforms. The app is quickly becoming a go-to destination for those looking to connect with like-minded individuals and share their views without fear of censorship. In this article, we will explore what Parler is, its features, advantages, disadvantages, its user base, and what makes it stand out from other social media platforms.

What is Parler?
Parler is a social network that is focused on free speech and privacy. It boasts of being the “world’s town square” where users can express their opinions, ideas, and thoughts without fear of being censored. The platform was founded by John Matze and Jared Thomson in 2018 as an alternative to traditional social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. According to the developers, the app is intended to provide a forum for users to discuss issues openly and freely.

Features of Parler
Parler has a range of features that make it stand out from other social media platforms. Some of its most notable features include:

1. Free speech and privacy- This is the standout feature of Parler. Unlike other social media platforms that censor content, Parler allows users to express their views without fear of repercussion.

2. Unbiased moderation- Parler operates on a community-based moderation system where users report any content that they believe violates the community guidelines. Moderators then review the reported content and determine whether it should be removed or not.

3. No algorithmic manipulation- Parler does not use any algorithms to manipulate or promote posts. Unlike other social media platforms, where content is arranged based on specific metrics, Parler presents content chronologically.

Advantages of Parler
1. Free Speech- Parler offers users’ unparalleled freedom of expression, which enables people to share any opinion and views without fear of censorship.

2. Privacy- Parler offers users privacy in sharing their thoughts and opinions while ensuring that their data is protected

3. The level of Moderation – Parler moderation policy is quite liberal; hence there are no fear or worries of being suspended or closed down like other social media

4. Robust User Base- Parler has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, with a considerable number of users identifying with its mission and values.

Disadvantages of Parler
1. Content Moderation- Given the platform’s censorship-free approach, there is a risk that illegal, misleading, or extreme content may find its way onto the platform.

2. Limited Features- Parler lacks some of the features seen on other social media platforms, such as video hosting and editing.

3. Polarization- While free speech is an essential feature of Parler, some content can be inflammatory, encourage hate speech, and create a polarized atmosphere that some may find uncomfortable.

User Base of Parler
Parler has experienced explosive growth in recent years, mainly due to the increased scrutiny and censorship from traditional social media platforms. As of June 2023, Parler has over four million active users, with the majority coming from the United States. The platform’s user base is primarily conservative-leaning, with many users feeling marginalized and discriminated against on other social media platforms.

What Makes Parler Stand Out From Other Social Media Platforms
Parler’s standout features include its focus on free speech, no algorithm manipulation, unbiased moderation policy, and commitment to user privacy. Unlike other social media platforms that censor users, Parler offers an environment where users can express their opinions and views without fear of being censored.

In conclusion, Parler is a unique social media platform that offers users unparalleled freedom of expression, privacy, and unbiased moderation. While the platform has gained significant popularity among people who feel censored on mainstream platforms, it has also faced criticism for allowing extreme and extreme content. As the platform grows and evolves, it will be interesting to see how it balances its commitment to free speech with the need to moderate content that violates community standards.


Q: Is Parler available globally?
A: Yes, Parler is available globally on both iOS and Android platforms.

Q: Is Parler moderated?
A: Yes, Parler is moderated based on community standards. Users report any content they believe violates the community guidelines, and a team of moderators then reviews the reported content.

Q: Can I join Parler without using my real name?
A: Yes, you can join Parler without using your real name. Users can create anonymous accounts using pseudonyms to protect their privacy.

Q: How does Parler make money?
A: Parler makes money through advertising, sponsored content, and premium subscription services.

Q: Will Parler be able to compete with traditional social media platforms?
A: While Parler has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, it remains to be seen if it will be able to compete with traditional social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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