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BeReal: know the opinion of internet users about the new social network

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Orbit Data Science presents the current scenario on the network that is increasingly used by young people

In recent months a new social network, BeReal, has gained notoriety around the world and has become popular in Brazil. This new app stands out for providing a whole new user experience, the idea is that only one photo post can be done per day, where all users post at the same time, through a random time defined by the app. In addition, the photo must be registered without the use of filters and in real-time, not being allowed to attach an image from the gallery. This posting dynamic seeks to create a more organic and real environment, as the name of the application suggests. Experts point out that it will soon face Instagram and TikTok.

According to a survey carried out by Orbit Data Science, of the total number of comments analyzed, 70.7% refer to joining the network. Of these, in 34.6% of people reported that they were already using Be Real regularly, while the expression “I started/I want to start using BeReal” appeared with 12.4% of incidents within the category.

This also has another effect: BeReal users now expect their friends and acquaintances to also download the application, which was observed in the demonstrations. “I’m looking for acquaintances who use Bereal”, which represents 20.6% of the total in the category. Also within “Use of the App”, positive opinions also gained prominence, the mentions “I like BeReal” and “I encourage other people to download BeReal” represent, respectively, 13.2% and 7.6% of the category.

Functioning is still a barrier

Another widely discussed subject is the posting dynamics of BeReal, a feature that most differentiates the network from the others. Thus, 10.4% of the comments were identified within the “Post dynamics” category. The manifestation “BeReal requested a photo post at a time that I would not like” represents 34.2% of the category and shows that many network users did not adapt well to the randomness of the posting time.

Some users also felt the lack of recording more specific and relevant moments of their day, which we confirmed with the manifestations “I wanted to post a photo of a specific moment on BeReal” with 22.8% of the category. There are still cases where the application requests the image registration when the user is in the bathroom, at a work meeting or at other inappropriate and inappropriate times. The tag “BeReal requested photo posting at an inappropriate time” had a 19% incidence in the category.

There have been significant reports of technical issues experienced with the app. “I had problems with the application working” appears in 2.7% of the total analyzed in the survey. Within the “Technical Problems” category, we still observed many users reporting malfunctions in the attempt to add new friends on the network, with the expression “I can’t add friends on BeReal” representing 26.8% of the category.

BeReal’s popularity was also an issue. Among all the comments analyzed in the study, 4.7% were people who claimed not to know the new social network, which represents 58% within the category. Some people consider that there are few people using the application. “Few people use BeReal” represents 9.7% of the category. On the other hand, the opinion that the network is growing in popularity also appears in the “BeReal is getting popular” tag and represents 9.7% of the “Popularity” category.

What the market can take advantage of

From the analysis of the evolution graph, we can observe the arrival of the application, and the beginning of its popularization in Brazil. Until 08/04/2022, which corresponds to 75% of the study chronology, we had only 18% of the total of opinions that said “I use BeReal”. People who commented on this opinion also said that they were looking for acquaintances who also used it, and that they encouraged other people to download the application.

With the popularization of the application, and the increase in users, the incidence of the opinion “I started/I want to start using BeReal” decreases, and they become “Use BeReal”, which had 82% of its incidence in the last 25% of our chronology, ending the study with 24% of the total opinions. Following the trend of greater use of the application, it begins to gain more prominence, causing the number of people who comment on the opinion “I don’t know BeReal” to grow. In addition, netizens begin to comment on their experience. At this time, “Gosto do BeReal” had a great boom in incidence, ending the survey with 9% of the total opinions.

There is great growth and acceptance of the app. The unique and innovative proposal won over users, moreover, with celebrities starting to use it, the app’s reach only tends to increase. The growth of people who say they don’t know the app guarantees even more room for its evolution and the large number of positive opinions tends to maintain the user base.

Evidently, negative opinions also appear in the survey, they are diluted in problems of adaptation with the dynamics of the application, fears about exposure, technical problems, lack of users, among others. However, the lack of a massive negative impression in the numbers draws attention. In general, the impression about BeReal is positive and the projection is optimistic about the growth of the new network.

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