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Digital influencers: who are they and how can they help your company?

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Hello Are you okay?

This is Rodolfo Benetti and I’m going to tell you today who the Digital Influencers and how you can use them in your Marketing Strategy.

It is common to see people sharing their product preferences on the internet. In the past, this was done through bloggers, who wrote about solutions and posted videos and photos on your pages. Nowadays these disclosures have gained more followers, being made mainly by so-called digital influencers! And for that they use social media a lot.

In this article, I will explain to you how to sell more with the help of the internet and these people, which can be a bridge between the company and its target audience. Follow up!

Digital influencers: who they are and how they work

If you have an account on the most used social networks in Brazil, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, you have probably watched some content that promoted some brand. Sometimes this is done clearly, with an indication of sponsorship. In others, this message is a bit subliminal (which is not permitted by law).

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People who run these promotions are considered digital influencers. They create valuable content on certain topics and, therefore, gain a significant number of followers. The unique way they communicate makes the public identify, creating a true legion of fans. Digital influencers earn this name precisely because they have the ability to influence people’s behavior — and it is precisely this quality that sets them apart from the general public.

To some extent, we are all influencers. In the end, your friend’s opinion about a certain brand is worth something, do you agree? The difference is the reach of this influencewhich in the case of digital influencers arrives at house of millions easily!

Examples of digital influencers

Celebrities are natural influencers. Kim Kardashian, for example, received an award for contributing to the fashion industry. In Brazil, we have as a great example the Marina Ruy Barbosawho is among the most influential artists in the world and whose Instagram posts can cost companies BRL 150,000.00.

Digital influencers, however, do not necessarily have to be famous. Many people gain a very high number of followers and make a living from it. Generally, only recommend products that they actually use and approve ofwhich is essential to make a real action, without trying to deceive the public.

You micro-influencers also exist: they are people who still don’t have so many followers, but they usually have a good engagement – and most of the time much superior than the great influencers – and they can even endorse companies for low prices. One of the practices used is “received”, in which brands send free products for the micro-influencer to evaluate.

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An example of an influencer in Brazil is PC Siqueira, which publish videos on YouTube on various subjects such as technology, fitness and politics. Today, her channel has more than 2.3 million subscribers.

O Whindersson Nunes is another youtuber who became very well known and already has more than 31 million subscribers, who engage with his humorous content. He became so well known that he already makes commercials and is invited to shows like Altas Horas, on Rede Globo de Televisão.

THE Gabriela Pugliesi is another example, in this case, for the fitness industry: she shares her daily eating and working out routine with more than 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

Usually, digital influencers from one social network automatically end up becoming the others, and this can be an opportunity for your brand. For example, youtubers who make sponsored posts on Instagram.

Why big brands invest in digital influencers

In addition to being able to spread the company’s message to a large number of followers, they have the power to shape opinions and influence a purchase, naturally. For companies, this is a fantastic opportunity to publicize their solutions through people who are already trusted by their audience.

There is research that proves this: SocialChorus found that campaigns with influencers can Engage up to 16x more than advertising in other media. In turn, Nielsen showed that 92% of consumers trust referrals from others, a much higher percentage than those who say they are influenced by ads (33%).

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Another big advantage of working in partnership with influencers is the smaller budget required. Often, sending a product or even paying them for advertising is cheaper than creating TV commercials or social media campaigns, especially if the objective is increase brand recognition.

To close the text here is one last tip: If you invest in marketing and content strategiesconsider enlisting the help of a personality who has connection and proximity to your target audience. Otherwise your campaign will go down the drain!

understood how the digital influencers can help your company get more results on the internet? Hope so!

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