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Exploring the Bold and Eye-catching Designs of Rosmarie Tissi

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The Bold and Eye-Catching Designs of Rosmarie Tissi

Rosmarie Tissi is a Swiss graphic designer who has been influencing and shaping the world of graphic design for over five decades. Her work is characterized by its bold use of color, typography, and shapes, making her designs stand out from the rest. Her unique approach has earned her a reputation as one of the most innovative and highly regarded designers of her time. In this article, we will explore the world of Rosmarie Tissi and the strategies that make her designs so bold and eye-catching.

H1: A Brief Introduction to Rosmarie Tissi and Her Work

Rosmarie Tissi was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1937. After studying graphic design at the Basel School of Design, she began working as a freelance designer, developing a unique style characterized by bold colors, shapes, and typography. In 1968, she co-founded the design studio Odermatt & Tissi, which quickly became one of the most successful studios in Switzerland. Her work ranges from book covers, posters, and packaging designs to corporate identities and advertisements.

H2: Bold Colors

One of the most distinctive features of Tissi’s work is her use of bold colors that grab the viewer’s attention. Her color choices are unconventional and often vibrantly contrasting, as seen in her poster design for the Swiss Pavilion at the 1970 Osaka World Expo. This poster’s bright green background contrasts sharply with the bold red and white typography, creating a powerful visual impact that makes the design stand out.

H2: Bold Shapes

In addition to her bold use of color, Tissi’s designs also feature bold shapes that contribute to the overall impact of her work. Her poster for the Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam in 1971 is an excellent example of this. The design features a bold black circle with the number “100” placed in the center. The circle’s size, thickness, and placement make it a central focus of the design, capturing the viewer’s attention.

H2: Bold Typography

Tissi’s typography is also a key element of her design aesthetic, as she uses a combination of bold and playful typography to great effect. Her poster design for the artist Louise Nevelson features bold, overlapping letters that create a dynamic sense of movement and depth. Her use of typography is also on full display in her packaging design for the soap company Swiss Silk, where she used bold, oversized typography to create a sense of luxury and elegance.

H2: Eye-Catching Compositions

Tissi’s unique approach to composition is another significant aspect of her design aesthetic. Her compositions are often arranged in unconventional ways, creating a sense of movement and dynamism. Her design for the Basel Theater program is a perfect example of this. The design features a large, bold photograph of the theater, overlaid with the title of the program in a playful and expressive font. The resulting composition feels lively and energetic, perfectly capturing the excitement of live theater.

H2: Influences and Inspiration

Tissi’s work is influenced by a wide range of designers and artistic movements, including the Swiss style and constructivism. Her perception of the world as a playful, immersive place is evident in her colorful and innovative designs. She has never shied away from incorporating diverse elements into her designs, making pop, punk, and street elements some of her favorite forms of cultural expression.


Rosmarie Tissi’s bold and eye-catching designs have proven to stand the test of time. Her unique approach to color, shape, typography, and composition has resulted in world-renowned designs that remain memorable and effective to this day. Her work continues to inspire new generations of designers, carrying her legacy forward.


Q1: What is Rosmarie Tissi known for?
A1: Rosmarie Tissi is known for her bold and eye-catching designs, characterized by her use of color, shape, typography, and composition.

Q2: What is unique about Rosmarie Tissi’s designs?
A2: Tissi’s designs are unique because of her unconventional approach to color, shape, typography, and composition, resulting in a bold and eye-catching aesthetic that stands out from traditional design styles.

Q3: What was Rosmarie Tissi’s inspiration?
A3: Tissi’s inspiration came from a wide range of sources, including the Swiss style and constructivism. She incorporated diverse elements into her designs, making pop, punk, and street elements some of her favorite forms of cultural expression.

Q4: What kind of clients did Rosmarie Tissi work with?
A4: Tissi worked with a variety of clients, ranging from book publishers and advertising agencies to corporate and cultural institutions.

Q5: What can young designers learn from Rosmarie Tissi?
A5: Young designers can learn from Tissi’s unique approach to design, focusing on exploring unconventional routes and taking risks with color, shape, typography, and composition to create bold and memorable designs.

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