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Internal marketing in digital transformation

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A few days ago, I was reading a rich article about the Digital Transformation technological movement that has been embracing all sectors of the economy and society.

An in-depth survey, “The current state of digital readiness in retail”, carried out among the various participants in this sector of the world, detected that the vast majority of companies are very concerned about technological advancement and its transformations. They seek, in particular, those focused on the customer, in how they can serve better taking advantage of all this technological availability that is already foreseen.

Machines that learn, and they do it in depth, being able to intelligently mine the big data, removing patterns that, statistically, allow defining models on both sides. Machines that have the power to monitor an individual pattern to the point of noticing behavior deviations or creating a strengthening stimulus of behaviours considered interesting are already frantically active in our lives.

Employees: the real engine of any organization

What caught my attention, however, was a very interesting fact, or perhaps I should say very important, that is going unnoticed by 90% of these companies. They are so concerned about the customer that they forget about the main engine of any organization, the people who work there which make it exist and make it productive, in the end.

Of course, I’m not saying that customers aren’t important, of course, they are, and I already said Sam Walton founder of Walmart, that customers are the beginning and end of every company’s purpose, they are the true boss, which is very true.

However, we cannot forget that any company, in order to fulfil its Mission’s greater purpose of meeting the needs and desires of these same customers and others, needs people who are completely committed with this purpose.

Even though Artificial Intelligence, robotization, and intelligent machines are on the fast track to replace most repetitive operational functions and even highly qualified intellectual functions, people will continue to be the engine of any organization.

Endomarketing: why invest in this strategy?

Returning to the research mentioned above, it was proved that the return on the technological investment made by these companies for their customers has an ROI that is only half of what they would obtain with the same investment in technologies that serve their employees.

Tip: What is ROI and how important is it for my company?

Now, if investing in algorithms that facilitate the work of employees can bring such a result, imagine then if companies invest in internal marketing in good communication and in a good relationship with all your internal audience stimulating the dialogue and the exchange of information between them and the executive management, seeking excellence.

Yes, because if Marketing, as Kotler defined it, is the “art of creating genuine value for customers”, then the Endomarketing it is the art of creating genuine value for the organization’s internal public, including employees, shareholders and suppliers.

The effectiveness of this relationship depends on the valuing people as individuals and citizens contributing to the education, training and transformation of each member of the organization, and not only through information on business objectives, more focused on organizational interests, strategies, contents and languages.

The importance of a collaborative relationship between organization and employee

At a time when organizations celebrate the availability of technology to replace people, as envisioned by futurist Ray Kurzweil, foolish is leadership that fails to realize that those who remain will have to be specially considered, maintained, and nurtured, bearers of highly valued.

And, as it is taken for granted that the most productive are those with a broader vision, innovative and possessing more entrepreneurial characteristics, it will be up to organizations to communicate with their internal public considering this premise, instead of simply informing in a single way, an action that will not be absorbed and will not have any value.

In a world that already shows itself completely collaborative the minimum expectation that the collaborators have in relation to the organization to which they belong (or participate), is a relationship that lives up to their definition by nature, that is, collaborative.

It is no longer expected that the company’s relationship with its collaborators can flow based on unilateral communications, which generate almost no value for the publics involved and cannot access the interest of these participants.

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The environment must be suitable

If a company really wants to develop a fruitful relationship with its collaborators should seek to develop a very interactive community where everyone has the right to express themselves openly and freely without fear, from both sides.

For this, the organization needs to be prepared to offer an environment that provides such possibilities, that develops a culture that values ​​the entrepreneurial spirit not in speech, but in a real way, in everyday actions, and that exudes confidence on the employee, encouraging creativity and innovation without suffocating it, both in thinking and in exposing and acting.

Finally, in the era of Digital transformation Endomarketingas we know it today, will disappear, or will also pass through a cultural transformation reflecting the change in the company’s culture and its new World vision.

Endomarketing should, therefore, be generated and managed based on the opportunities stimulated, on the values ​​of all those involved, on full participation, and on the true belief that they are all, contributing to mutual growth and improvement continuous and fruitful, including society in which they are inserted.

Who knows, letting the Grid itself flow and take care of it?

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