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Marketing in education: market overview in Educational Institutions

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The scenario of education in Brazil has changed. New content formats have emerged and competition has increased. The Educational Institutions that did not see marketing actions as a fundamental part of the student retention are starting to apply this strategy.

Distance learning and open courses, such as language teaching and preparation for public competitions, are a significant part of this market.

According to the National Association for the Protection and Support of Tenders (ANPAC), the market for preparing for public tenders generates gross revenues of approximately R$1 billion per year.

In addition, we have the problem of expensive tuition fees for face-to-face courses at Brazilian colleges, which make higher education very inaccessible to many people.

O marketing came to be an ally of Educational Institutions to solve these problems and now it is digitally transforming.

With that in mind, we decided to share with you the best statistics and trends from the EDUTrends report: Marketing Outlook in the Education Market, by Rock Content.

Warning before reading! We will also share some tips at the end of this article, so you can continue learning about Digital Marketing!

Investment in Offline Marketing

At the moment when the Educational Institutions started to see marketing as allies, the first investment was in offline marketing.

This is because offline strategies are usually linked to brand awareness through traditional campaigns. We can see many colleges that invest in this form of advertising and that do not use online resources.

According to the survey, 66.5% of the institutions participating in this survey invest in this action.

Investment in Digital Marketing

The recognition of the importance of Digital Marketing for the Educational Institutions emerged when the online environment became a rich space for people who could be captured to be students.

Being present in the digital environment has become necessary. New students have a new consumption profile, they demand agility and quality. They are consumers in the era of immediacy and the new marketing brings institutions closer to them.

Therefore, 81.3% of Institutions invest in Digital Marketing.

They strategically leverage digital channels, using social media, email and search engines such as Google to show authority and increase their brand awareness.

Digital Marketing and monthly average visits

Visits to your website are often the first contact a potential customer has with your brand.

Keeping them constantly growing is extremely important. This shows that your company is being recognized by more people and that your content strategyfor example, is working.

In the research, it was verified that the Institutions that invest in Digital marketing present 8 times more visits than those who do not invest.

Digital Marketing and monthly average of leads

The most important thing is when those visitors become leads (or contacts).

Leads are those who are already advancing in the sales funnel (they have already filled out a form, providing information such as email, name) and, therefore, have a greater potential to sign up.

According to research, who invests in Digital Marketing generates 9.5 times more leads than those who do not invest.

These data highlight the importance of investing in the online environment and the potential for sales growth for those who use Digital Marketing strategies.

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The adoption of Content Marketing by Institutions

Content Marketing is a way to engagement with the target public adopted by 79% of the institutions responding to this research.

They use at least one strategy, such as blog and social media posts, videos, ebooks, webinars, and email marketing.

This strategy is a new way of using educational content for marketing actions, with the aim of attracting, educating and developing the interest of potential students until they are ready to enroll or purchase a course.

In it, blogging is the main practice and generates 2.2 times more visits in the website.

Another common practice in the Educational Institutions is publishing on social networks. They help a lot in the dissemination of content and user engagement.

This is easily noticeable, since who publishes on social networks has 10 times more visits than those who don’t publish.

O e-book is one of the most used content formats in the Content Marketing.

Institutions that decide to opt for its production have incredible results: 7 times more leads than those who do not produce.

Do you understand how Content Marketing can be an excellent ally for your Educational Institution? Click on the banner below and learn how to use this strategy to attract more students to your Educational Institution!

The ROI of Offline Marketing

The term ROI stands for return on investment.

It is an indicator that shows how much you are earning with a given investment.

In the educational market, the ROI is essential in understanding how much return the student recruitment campaigns are bringing.

This makes it clear which investments are worth it, which ones need to be adjusted or discarded.

calculate the ROI in Offline Marketing is much more complicated, as many campaigns are not measurable and their performance can be uncertain.

In the survey, 51.6% of the participants considered the ROI of Offline Marketing moderately positive and 21.6% not very positive.

The ROI of Digital Marketing

already in Digital Marketing ROIpeople who adopt it 49.7% consider the ROI moderately positive and 32.6% very positive.

This happens because in Digital marketing the campaigns are more directed to the public that the Institutions want to reach and the strategies are easily measurable due to the numerous tools that exist in this medium.

In addition to the numerous benefits that this strategy provides by using concrete data.

Did you like the survey data? For more trends and insights we’ve uncovered, check out EduTrends’ full report: Marketing Landscape in the Education Market.

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