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Content Marketing: The Currency of the 21st Century

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Maybe no book option about Content Marketing approach the topic in a way as unique as the work “Content Marketing: the currency of the 21st century” by Rafael Rez.

Rez’s arguments are not based on quantity, but on the quality of Content Marketing to convert into sales and profit — which, without a doubt, should be the key metric for any Digital Marketing strategy!

Before continuing, if you still don’t know me, nice to meet you! My name is Guilherme de Bortoli and I’m here to talk about the book and show how Content Marketing has become the central pillar of the sales strategy of Organic. Here we go?

Content Marketing: The Currency of the 21st Century

The premise of the book is very clear: if you still don’t understand that Content Marketing is the Currency of the 21st Century you are probably losing money.

Discussing the importance of content for Marketing and the challenges of this quest to set your business apart from competitors, the book uses recent industry studies to talk about creating an efficient Content Marketing model.

Rez brings a realistic perspective on the impact of content creation (and dissemination) on the future of Marketing. This is done from the analysis of facts and suggestions of practical tips, showing how companies can optimize content to attract and convert leads into customers.

According to him, for companies to adapt to the changes proposed by the new market, some Good habits that can facilitate adaptation to this complex and profitable strategy.

Among all the topics covered by the author in the work, I highlight some of the most relevant:

Main Learning

Strategic keyword research

When ranking a website, Google has been giving more and more importance to a number of factors, such as page load speed and adaptation to mobile devices.

But, even so, the study of keywords is one of the most relevant activities for improve the positioning of a company on the Internet!

That’s why Rafael Rez teaches a class on how to do keyword research, which is worth the effort and generates measurable results.

Tip: Top 10 Keyword Tools + 1 Gift

Creating a table of contents

The number one sin of inexperienced companies, who throw themselves into Inbound Marketing without building a good strategy is to produce punctual, sporadic content that does not communicate with each other to achieve a common goal.

So, thinking about helping managers to develop more structured plans Rez shows you how to create a table of contents capable of:

  • Reach people;
  • Adapt to the routine of the team;
  • Transform what looks beautiful on paper into reality.

Developing realistic personas

It’s no use knowing the keywords that your ideal customer is searching for, if you don’t even know who is your ideal customer do you agree?

Do you know your client’s interests? Do you understand how he thinks? How do you behave? If your company does not have this information, how do you expect create content that drives you to take action?

Learn to create realistic personas is a key section of the book “Content Marketing: The Currency of the 21st Century”. After all, without a more specific portrait of the target audience, it is much more difficult to be assertive in the multifaceted environment that is the Internet!

The step by step to create a successful landing page

Last but not least: how to talk about Content Marketing without mentioning the landing pages?

Maybe because it’s an easy concept to understand — since landing pages are pages that basically capture contact from website visitors — it is also easy to make mistakes or fail to add elements that maximize results of tools like this.

With a complete checklist for creating ideal landing pages, “Content Marketing: The Currency of the 21st Century” also serves as a reference book (to get your hands dirty), not just theory!

Content Marketing for Organic

We humans want to consume content primarily because it helps us reach our goals, whether through shared knowledge, a propagated new idea or a shared success story with the intention of inspiring. It was with this in mind that I defined Content Marketing as the heart of digital!

And that’s why we work on content production and distribution according to our personas — content created in the image and likeness of future buyers generates awareness, identification and familiarity between customer and company.

Through this process that starts from caring for content personalization until the moment of closing a sale, we obtain dominance over a larger share of consumers in the market!

Tip: Why is your content not generating sales? Find out the causes now!

The content at the center

In life it is often necessary set some priorities — and, with the directions of Digital, it was no different.

A had several options: it could be a launch agency, an agency specializing only in paid traffic or even direct marketing, but we chose to give Focus on Inbound Marketing and, of course, Content Marketing!

We embrace content because, especially in the post-digital age, positioning is what unites:

  • People to ideas;
  • People to each other;
  • People to brands.

By defining Content Marketing as one of the main strategies for building Franetic’s strategy, we direct all efforts to build a reciprocal relationship with our potential customers (and customers!).

I believe the easiest way to nurture trust and familiarity is this: generate content that transforms their lives for the better.

Therefore, when thinking about development of a business relationship with a potential customer, it’s not enough to just insert an ad (with hopes of increasing sales) when they want something else.

The sale is the result of a trust relationship. That simple! So it is necessary to build something bigger, more relevant and durable: a relationship that is productive both for the company, which produces the content, and for those who will consume the content.

Here at Franetic, we achieve this goal by creating content that, in addition to being relevant, is designed and designed to sell. This production is distributed and suitable for different functions, formats and channels, such as:

  • Blog (SEO articles and rich materials);
  • Paid media (ads);
  • Email marketing (emails sent to leads and customers), etc.

Inbound Marketing Steps

Putting content at the center is what made the Specialist in Digital Marketing Strategies — considered one of the 10 best Inbound Marketing agencies in Brazil by RD Station!

We produce and distribute content on different channels and for the most diverse niches, because we dedicate time to understand who we are talking to — and what’s the best way (and best time) to talk to these audiences!

If you want to know what you need to do differently in communicating with your prospects, leads or even customers who are already “at home”, request our free Digital Marketing diagnosis. It doesn’t take five minutes, but it can change the entire trajectory of your company!

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