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The importance of Digital Marketing for companies in 2022!

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you know that the your brand needs to be where people are. Right?

The good news is that with a society increasingly focused on the digital universe of the Internet and cell phones, making your company, product or service reach those who need it (and sell it) has never been as democratic and accurate as it is today.

We give this the name of Digital marketing — and that’s what we’re going to talk about here!

What is Digital Marketing and how does it work?

Digital Marketing is a sales strategy that takes advantage of connectivity from devices to the Internet to sell the right product or service to the ideal customer.

Involving content creation (Content Marketing) and Inbound Marketingfor example, the Digital marketing it is a democratic way to “throw valuable bait” to consumers interested in your business’s niche.

From self-employed professionals to multinational companies, this strategy makes it possible to carry out different actions, for different contexts, fitting into different pocket sizes!

As long as the brand has the minimum technological resources for intelligent segmentation of the target audience, anyone can use the digital environment to take the company’s vision (what it wants to transform in the market) to the person who needs this transformation (the customer).

Enjoy the video below to understand a little more about Digital Marketing:

The importance of Digital Marketing for companies

If previously television, radio, newspapers and magazines were the main ways of making the company’s vision a reality (that is, selling), today these vehicles play a secondary role in the daily life of a population. dominated by the use of the Internet — you must have noticed by now!

It turns out that selling is essential for all companies — because without the clientit becomes impossible to realize any vision — and, with the Digital marketingachieving this objective was more accessible and dynamic than ever.

Just make no mistake: none of this makes the process any less valuable (no easier)!

Tip: Why is Digital Marketing essential for your company?

What I mean is that, compared to a merchandising action on Big Brother Brasil or Revista Caras, reaching the market by announcing your product or service on social networks — or even creating a digital magazine, a blog or an exclusive access area for customers in a virtual club — it is much more agile and less risky. I’ll show you why below:

Promotes interaction with consumers and customers

When we talk about the importance of Digital Marketing, we are talking about the importance of bringing a brand closer to the consumer — and the Internet made possible a historic change in the relationship between those who sell and those who buy!

Not even TV has achieved what cell phones and the Internet do today: create a two-way street to not only inform the public (and observe their reactions), but also to receive interaction requests onlookers without the company having to start the conversation.

Digital Marketing takes advantage of this new type of dialogue to encourage engagement, promote connections and perpetuate closeness between a human being and the brand in a way that, until a few years ago, did not exist.

Facilitates the measurement of results

Working with Digital Marketing also provides a enormous ease of measuring results compared to traditional media.

For example, if you invest valuable resources in running a TV ad, you won’t be able to know exactly how many people watched the commercial.

In the delivery of a digital ad, you can access the results with surgical accuracy not only to know who viewed, but also who clicked — and on which platform or ad variation — to calibrate strategies and, consequently, results in real time!

Lets you talk to the right audience

Other huge advantage of Digital Marketing over more traditional methods of sales is that, still using the TV example, there is no way to identify whether the people who watched the commercial had any interest in what was presented.

This is because the station will show the ad to all people in the country who are watching the program at the time it airs — and, depending on the times of the channel’s most popular programs, the more expensive this distribution will be.

In a Digital Marketing action, this distribution is fully controllable because, because of each person’s unique behavior when browsing the Internet, we gain access to automated triggers that fire at people with the interests, behaviors, and pains we look for in an ideal client.

With your product or service present in time and in the right places that your audience looks for solutions — using keywords defined by you after a persona study and IF THE —, make your brand be found on the first pages of the Googlefor example, is a much less risky action!

Tip: Persona and target audience: understand the main differences

Optimize cost-effectiveness

Investing in resources to try to convert only those who would be interested in the products or services offered by your business not only increases the results of your actions, but also lays the fundamental foundations for the birth of a community around your brand.

This optimization increases the importance of Digital Marketing because makes it less complicated to sell even more often for those who have already purchased from your company — in addition to:

  • win new customers testing with smaller investments;
  • Correct the course of the next actions;
  • And direct resources to those that are performing better.

It is for these reasons — and for many others that I share with you here on the blog — that Orgânica invests in Digital Marketing itself!

What level do you want to elevate your brand to?

I can say that much of our success is due to this: we do for ourselves what we also do for our customers.

Even if it’s not as simple as applying a magic formula that makes the results multiply automatically, plan and implement a Digital Marketing strategy always works if you know what tier you are at — and what tier you want to elevate your brand to.

Do you want to receive a free (and personalized) Digital Marketing diagnosis, made by organic specialists? I know, it sounds too good to be true! But just request in the banner below:

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