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The Rise and Fall of TikTok: Is Instagram Replacing the Popular App?

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The Rise and Fall of TikTok: Is Instagram Replacing the Popular App?

TikTok has been the go-to app for entertainment, dance challenges, and short-form creative content. With over 1 billion active monthly users, it has become one of the most influential social media apps. However, as TikTok’s future became uncertain, Instagram seized the opportunity to introduce its new feature, Reels. With Reels, Instagram appears to be replacing TikTok. In this article, we will explore the rise and fall of TikTok and determine whether Instagram is a suitable replacement.

Understanding the Rise of TikTok

TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to create and upload 15-second videos accompanied by music or sounds. The app became popular in 2018, mostly among Gen-Z users who enjoyed its short-form video content that offered a break from the day-to-day news updates on other platforms.

TikTok’s popularity grew exponentially, and it became a social media powerhouse in 2019. It was the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2020, with over 315 million downloads. TikTok’s “For You” page, which suggests videos to users based on their viewing preferences, helped the app become the trendy social media app of choice.

The Fall of TikTok

The short-form video app has been in hot water with the US government since 2020, accusing the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, of having ties to the Chinese government. The government feared that TikTok was sharing user data with the Chinese government, which could be used against US interests.

This resulted in an executive order banning the app in the United States in September 2020. The ban caused a massive uproar among TikTok’s users, with many feeling unfairly targeted. However, the situation has since been resolved after a deal between ByteDance and Oracle, with Oracle acting as TikTok’s cloud provider in the US.

Instagram Tries to Take Over with Reels

Instagram is not new to copying other app features to stay relevant. Instagram Stories were a cloned feature from Snapchat Stories. And now, with TikTok’s future uncertain, Instagram introduced Reels, its version of short-form videos.

Reels allows users to create 15-second videos that can be edited with various effects and music tracks. Reels are displayed in the “Explore” tab, making wider visibility for the videos. Instagram has also stated that users can access Reels content through the “Explore” section, making it possible for Reels to reach a broader audience.

Is Instagram an Adequate Replacement for TikTok?

Reels has been available worldwide since August 2020. Instagram Reels has seen phenomenal growth, and in October 2020, less than a month after the US ban on TikTok was lifted, YouTube reported that video creators were moving from TikTok to Instagram to make Reels.

Furthermore, Instagram has created many opportunities for content creators to monetize their Reels. Instagram announced in March 2023 that users can now earn money from their content with the launch of an affiliate program called “Instagram Affiliate.” This program enables creators and influencers to earn commissions for products sold through their Instagram profile.


TikTok’s rise and fall have been a rollercoaster ride for users globally, and the app’s future remains uncertain. Instagram has taken advantage of TikTok’s problems and introduced an alternative in the form of Reels. Reels has seen incredible growth since its launch, and it appears to be a suitable replacement for TikTok. Instagram has already started monetizing the Reels platform, giving creators and influencers a compelling reason to switch to the app.


1. Is TikTok banned in the US?
No, TikTok is not banned in the US. However, it was under threat of a US ban in 2020. The situation has since been resolved.

2. What is Instagram’s Reels?
Reels is a 15-second short-form video feature on Instagram that allows users to create and upload videos with music and various creative effects.

3. Can you monetize Instagram Reels?
Yes, Instagram has launched an affiliate program called “Instagram Affiliate,” where creators and influencers can earn commissions for products sold through their Instagram profiles.

4. Is Instagram Reels available worldwide?
Yes, Instagram Reels is available in all countries where Instagram operates.

5. Why is Instagram Reels compared to TikTok?
Instagram Reels is compared to TikTok because it provides a similar short-form video experience that includes various sounds, effects, and editing tools. It also appears to be a suitable replacement for TikTok.

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