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The Ultimate Guide to Bronto Email Marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to Bronto Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential tool for businesses to reach their customers and establish long-term relationships. Bronto, a popular email marketing platform, offers businesses the ability to create and send personalized emails with ease. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with Bronto email marketing.

What is Bronto Email Marketing?

Bronto is an email marketing platform that helps businesses create, send, and analyze email campaigns. It’s designed for eCommerce businesses, making it easy to integrate with popular shopping carts like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. With Bronto, businesses can create sophisticated marketing campaigns, personalized messaging and segment lists to target the right audience for their campaigns.

Getting Started with Bronto

To get started with Bronto, businesses need to create an account and configure their email settings. This includes setting up domain authentication, which verifies the sender’s domain to help reduce the amount of spam in recipients’ inboxes. Once these settings are in place, businesses can create and send their first email campaign.

Creating a Campaign

Before you can create a campaign in Bronto, you need to have a list of subscribers or contacts. The first step is to create a list and start collecting subscribers’ information. Once you have a list, you can use Bronto’s drag-and-drop email builder to create your campaign. With Bronto templates, you can design professional-looking emails without any coding knowledge.


Personalization is a key aspect of effective email marketing, and Bronto makes it easy to tailor your emails to your subscribers. By using merge tags, you can automatically insert a subscriber’s name or other personal information directly into the email. You can use this information to segment your list, ensuring that the right message is going to the right person.


Segmentation is the process of dividing your email list into smaller, targeted groups based on specific criteria. By segmenting your list, you can send more relevant messaging that’s more likely to drive conversions. Bronto offers a variety of segmentation options, including demographic, behavioral, and engagement criteria.


Automation is the process of setting up a series of emails to be sent automatically based on specific triggers, such as a subscriber signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase. Bronto makes it easy to set up automation workflows. This allows businesses to set up email campaigns that can run without constant supervision, freeing up time for other marketing activities.

Analytics and Reporting

One of the most significant benefits of using an email marketing platform like Bronto is the ability to track and analyze your campaigns. Bronto provides a wide range of analytics and reporting tools, including open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated from each campaign. This information allows businesses to refine their email marketing strategy and improve their results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does Bronto cost?

Bronto pricing is based on the number of contacts in your email list and the features you need. Pricing starts at $249 per month and goes up from there based on the size of your list.

2. Can I use Bronto with my existing eCommerce platform?

Yes, Bronto integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce, making it easy to manage your email marketing alongside your online store.

3. Does Bronto offer A/B testing?

Yes, Bronto offers A/B testing, which allows businesses to test different versions of their email campaigns to see which version is the most effective at driving conversions.

4. Is Bronto GDPR compliant?

Yes, Bronto is GDPR compliant, meaning that it meets the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation to ensure that businesses are capturing and storing data legally.

5. Can I import my existing email lists into Bronto?

Yes, you can import your existing email lists into Bronto. However, you must ensure that you have obtained the necessary consent from your subscribers to avoid violating anti-spam laws.


Bronto email marketing is an excellent tool for eCommerce businesses that want to establish long-term relationships with their customers. By providing personalized messaging, segmenting lists, automating workflows, and analyzing results, businesses can create effective email marketing campaigns that drive conversions. Using the tips and tools covered in this guide, you can get started with Bronto and take your email marketing to new heights.

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