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TikTok is the most prominent social network for Black Friday actions

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Research with small and medium-sized companies that sell online shows a 280% growth in hiring influencers to promote promotions

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are betting on new content and dissemination strategies to stand out on Black Friday 2022. TikTok is the social network that most gained prominence for the date compared to last year, with an increase of about 50%. This year, 28% of entrepreneurs who have virtual stores plan to use the application as a channel for promoting their products and actions. The data are from the “Black Friday 2022 Heat” survey, carried out by Nuvemshop, a leading e-commerce platform in Latin America with 100,000 active stores.

The study indicates that the social network is practically the same as email marketing, a more traditional tool for dissemination and which will be used by 30% of businesses. According to Luiz Natal, Platform Development manager at Nuvemshop, entrepreneurs are increasingly concerned with following digital trends and using them to boost business sales.

The research showed that social networks more focused on dynamic and short videos are increasingly explored by entrepreneurs, because it is a fun way to present product details and usage tips, something more difficult to accomplish in just one publicity photo. This feature has been used especially by fashion e-commerces.

In addition to content production, entrepreneurs can also use the networks as promotional tools, with advertisements, sponsored posts and direct links to their online stores. The survey was carried out with the company’s shopkeepers and shows that social networks will be the main means for carrying out the actions planned for the period. In 2022, 96% of e-commerces intend to use Instagram, 68% WhatsApp and 63% Facebook to promote products.

Promotions for the date

In addition to the dissemination of products, the survey also addresses the forms of dissemination of promotions for the date. When asked about promotional actions for this year’s Black Friday, 18% said they will carry out live commerce, an online sales modality during a live video broadcast where products are shown and sold to the audience. Compared to the actions carried out last year, the highlight is the 200% growth in the use of live commerce.

For promotions, hiring digital influencers is 280% higher this year: 19% of entrepreneurs say they will use this type of outreach action this year. For Luiz Natal, digital influencers are an already consolidated sales force for big brands and the research shows that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs began to see and use this powerful advertising strategy to get closer to consumers and win new ones, leveraging sales during Black Friday.

Another curiosity is the growth of e-mail marketing, which last year was used by only around 11% of SMEs and, this year, will be the strategy of 34% of entrepreneurs to publicize promotions. In addition, 89% of entrepreneurs say they plan promotions on Instagram and 59% promotions on messaging apps (such as WhatsApp and Telegram).

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