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Understanding Parler: A Guide to the Social Media Platform

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Understanding Parler: A Guide to the Social Media Platform

Social media is the buzzword of the digital era, and people are always seeking new platforms to connect with others and share their ideas. Recently, Parler has emerged as a social media platform that prides itself on being the “free speech” alternative to Twitter and Facebook. However, not many people know much about it. In this guide, we will explore what Parler is, how it works, and its features, as well as discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform.

What is Parler?

Parler is a social media platform that was launched in 2018 by John Matze and Jared Thomson. It claims to provide its users with a more liberal space to express opinions and ideas without fear of censorship or being silenced. Parler is based on the concept of free speech, allowing its users to post content without fear of being banned or suspended, even if the content violates community standards on other platforms.

How Does it Work?

To use Parler, you have to create an account, which can be done through their website or mobile app. It only requires your email address, phone number, and a verification code. Once registered, you will be directed to the newsfeed, where you can scroll down to see posts from other users. You can “Echo” or “upvote” their posts as well. Parler’s echo button is similar to Twitter’s retweet feature and allows you to amplify someone else’s message without losing their original post’s credit.

Features of Parler

1. Freedom of Expression

Parler prides itself on being a “free speech” platform, which means that users can express their opinions and views freely without the fear of being censored, blocked, or shadowbanned. This makes Parler an attractive platform for people who have been banned on other social media platforms for expressing their conservative or libertarian views.

2. Community Moderation

Unlike other social media platforms, Parler’s moderation is primarily community-driven. If a user finds a post to be offensive or violates community guidelines, they can report it, and other users can either vote to remove the post or allow it. This moderation system empowers users and lets the community control what kind of content they want to see on their feeds.

3. News Aggregation

Parler users can access news articles, videos, and podcasts from various sources, making the platform an all-in-one social media and news platform. It aggregates like-minded news feeds in a single user-friendly, easy-to-access interface.

Advantages of Using Parler

1. No Censorship

As mentioned before, Parler’s main advantage is its free-speech policy, which means that users can post content without fear of being censored, blocked, or shadowbanned. This fosters open discussions and exchange of ideas that can lead to more informed opinions and decisions.

2. Conservative-leaning Community

Parler’s user base is predominantly conservative and libertarian, making it a great place to engage in political discussions with like-minded people. If you’re looking to express your conservative or libertarian views, Parler is the platform for you.

Disadvantages of Using Parler

1. Lack of Diversity

Parler’s user base is predominantly conservative-leaning, which means that you’re unlikely to get exposed to varying opinions or viewpoints. If you’re looking for a platform that fosters diverse opinions, Parler may not be the best place for you.

2. Limited User Base

Parler is still a relatively new platform, and its user base is still growing. The limited user base could mean that you may not receive a lot of engagement or reach, as compared to other established platforms like Twitter or Facebook.


Parler is a social media platform that prides itself on being a free speech alternative to other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. Its community-driven moderation and conservative-leaning user base make it a great platform for people who want to express their conservative or libertarian views without fear of censorship. However, the lack of diversity and limited user base mean that Parler may not be the best place for people who value diversity and high engagement.


1. Is Parler safe?

Parler is a safe platform to use. It encrypts user data and does not share it with third parties. However, like any social media platform, it is always advisable to be cautious and not share sensitive information on the platform.

2. Do I need a phone number to create a Parler account?

Yes, you need a phone number to create a Parler account. This is to prevent spam accounts and ensure that users are genuine.

3. Can I use Parler on my desktop?

Yes, you can use Parler on your desktop by accessing it through their website or by downloading the desktop app.

4. Can I report posts on Parler?

Yes, you can report posts on Parler if you find them offensive or violating community guidelines. The moderation system is primarily community-driven, so reports from users help enforce community guidelines.

5. Is Parler free?

Yes, Parler is a free-to-use social media platform. However, the platform is planning to introduce a paid subscription service for pro-users in the future.

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