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WhatsApp ties with TV as the most used information channel in Brazil

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Research points to changes in consumption habits caused by digitalization, accelerated after the pandemic

The way Brazilians consume information has changed. While TV continues to lead as the most frequently used channel, with 73% of respondents rating this medium from 7 to 10 in terms of recurrence, the growth of WhatsApp – which has one of its largest global audiences in Brazil – made the messaging app practically tie with television, with 72% of the notes. In this regard, the app was above Instagram (68%), today the most frequently used social network in the country, and traditional channels such as online newspapers (61%), radio (44%) and print newspapers (15%). .

The data are from a new survey carried out by the communication agency MARCO, which points out changes in consumption habits caused by digitalization – accelerated due to social distancing and the effective adoption of hybrid study and work.

Outside the Southeast and considering the averages of other Brazilian regions, WhatsApp concentrates 75% of the maximum scores in frequency of use, while Instagram has 69%. In this geographic area, both have already surpassed TV (with 67%), but this channel continues to lead with relative ease in the Southeast region – where it registers 78% against 69% for WhatsApp. Across the country, Instagram (68%), Facebook (59%) and other social networks (51%) also showed strength among the channels most frequently consumed by Brazilians.

New media

Also noteworthy are podcasts, another format on the rise, which already accounts for 42% of the highest scores in terms of frequency of use in Brazil. Regardless of recurrence and comparison with other media, 70.26% of respondents normally listen to podcasts.

Brazilians are also very attentive to the emergence of new forms of communication and interactivity. The survey shows that 68.30% say they know what the metaverse is, and more than half of this group points to online games as something they have already done in this environment.

The pandemic also helped to solidify public demands related to the social responsibility of companies and the way they position themselves in society. According to the MARCO study, 90% of Brazilians give scores from 7 to 10 on how important it is for brands and companies to promote diversity, while 93% make the same assessment on respect for the environment.

Almost 90% of Brazilians (88.24%) agree that the Covid pandemic has transformed them as people. This perception, however, changes according to the income bracket. Among those who earn more than BRL 100,000 a year, there is unanimity: 100% of this group believes that Covid has transformed them as people. The percentage drops to 89% among those with annual earnings of BRL 20,000 to BRL 100,000, while 82% of those with income below BRL 20,000 per year agree with the statement – ​​reflecting the greater impact of the pandemic on D and E classes.

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