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5 Seasonal Marketing Tactics for Boosting Holiday Sales

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seasonal marketing tactics
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The holiday season is always a special time of year for businesses everywhere. As the end of year approaches, it becomes essential to find effective holiday marketing tactics to boost sales and engage new customers. In this article, we present five highly effective seasonal marketing tactics to help businesses improve their holiday sales and grow their customer base.

1. Discounts and Special Offers:

The holiday season is a time when consumers are looking for deals and special offers. Providing your customers with discounts on your products, services, or shipping can make a huge difference in their decision to purchase from you. For instance, offering a ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ deal, free gift wrapping or vouchers can encourage people to shop with you, even if they’ve never tried your products before.

2. Create Gift Guides:

One of the essential things customers look for during the holiday season is gift guides. Gift guides offer inspiration for seasonal gift shopping and help consumers learn about new products. Your gift guide can include gift ideas for different age groups or genders, products best suited for specific occasions, and other attractive offers.

3. Use Social Media:

Social media marketing is always crucial, and it’s essential during the holiday season. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase your discounts or special offers. Share pictures of your products with catchy captions and hashtags to make your offer easily accessible to your online audience. Also, consider using social media platforms to engage with your customers and attract new ones through giveaways, contests, and other incentives.

4. Holiday Themed Email Marketing Campaigns:

Email marketing campaigns can be highly effective during the holiday season. It would be best to create professional and engaging email campaigns that are visually appealing and holiday-themed. Use these emails to promote your special offers, send holiday greetings, and offer product suggestions to your subscribers to engage them.

5. Create an Effective Influencer Campaign:

A successful influencer campaign can make a significant impact on holiday sales. Find influencers with a large audience base and have them promote your products using their social media platforms. Work on developing a creative approach and campaign objective ahead of time, and make sure your brand and message are aligned with that of the influencer. You can provide giveaways, discount codes or incentives to encourage influencer engagement.


Engaging in seasonal marketing tactics is essential to any business seeking to increase revenue during the holiday season. By incorporating the above tactics, businesses can create more effective holiday campaigns that will help them build their customer base and improve their sales.

1. Should discounts be my ultimate holiday marketing strategy?
No. Discounts should be just one of the tools in your holiday marketing strategy. Besides, customers want to be informed, inspired, and entertained, so utilize other tools such as email marketing, influencer campaigns, or social media marketing.

2. Do I need to offer free shipping to entice customers?
Not necessarily. Free shipping is an added bonus, but it’s not always possible, especially if you are a small business. What’s more important is to offer transparent and competitive shipping rates that don’t deter customers from shopping with you.

3. Can I do more than one email marketing campaign during the holiday season?
Yes. In fact, multiple email campaigns can help you reach different customer groups or convey your message more efficiently.

4. Can I track the results of my holiday marketing campaigns?
Yes, you can, and you should track each campaign’s results to inform your decision-making and optimize future campaigns.

5. Are influencer campaigns suitable for small businesses?
Yes. If you are a small business, influencer campaigns can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and engage new customers. Nonetheless, it would be best to work with micro-influencers with a smaller but more engaged audience that aligns with your brand.

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