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Digital Marketing for Beginners: Learn All About It!

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That Digital Marketing and the Internet are increasingly part of people’s lives, I bet you already know. But what about the fact that Brazilians spend more than 10 hours a day online — and Brazil ranks third in the world in terms of daily time on the Internet — did you already know?

That Internet it’s more and more a part of people’s lives, I bet you already know. But what about the fact that Brazilians spend more than 10 hours a day online — and Brazil occupies the third place of the world in daily Internet time — did you already know?

It cannot be denied that, in this way, thinking about strategies for Digital marketing for a business is fundamental, as it is one of the best ways to impact and relate to the consumers who spend so much time online.

But if you are still a beginner in the area and have doubts about how to start applying it in your company, just continue here with me, and I will help you with several Digital marketing for beginners!

What is Digital Marketing?

With the popularization and growth of the Internet, it is clear that not only people, but more companies are present in it, investing in creating a digital presence.

After all, since the way of consuming changes all the time, it is natural that the way of doing marketing also! It’s the Digital marketingin a nutshell, is just that: a set of actions to publicize some product or service via the Internet.

Now, if you want to understand more about this concept and know what to do to apply the Digital marketing in your company, check out the tips I have prepared:

Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners

Invest in Content Marketing

the first tip of Digital marketing for beginners that I have to give you is to bet on Content Marketing — the production of content and its distribution in different formats and channels.

This is a very valuable way to make your company found on the Internet, making it relevant to people and, thus, increasing their trust in your business before closing a deal. sale.

Plus, Content Marketing is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. customers even after first salealso increasing the chances of them doing business with you again!

Get found by potential customers on Google with SEO

Another important tip to apply Digital marketingand that helps in Content Marketing, is the IF THE — acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a set of techniques applied to your website, blog and content to make it rank well in these search engines, such as Google — and completely organically (without having to pay for ads to be found!).

See the example of one of our customers, Valduga familywhich is in the top position of Google search results for several key words related to the company’s area of ​​activity:

In fact, you can check all the details of this strategy here:

Tip: How a content empire increased sales by 1783%

Invest in Paid Media to maximize your reach

While the IF THE helps you to be found organically, paid media can complement your strategy, enhancing your reach of your company.

Paid media is basically when you invest money in ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Adsso they show your brand to people in the right place, at the right time, directly reaching your target audience!

Thus, it is possible to increase visibility, engagement and sales very quickly. Therefore, it is important that in your budgetsooner or later have a separate amount for paid media.

Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing, also known as Attraction Marketinguses techniques such as Content Marketing and SEO to, in fact, attract potential customers.

In this strategy, you offer valuable content, awaken the interest — from visitors to your blog or, for example, from your followers on social networks — for more in-depth material and then requests some contact information, such as name and email, for delivery of this material.

Even if you’ve never heard of it, this is how lead generation works! O lead itself provides your data and allows the company to relate directly to it — an opportunity to build even more trust, credibility and chances of success. sales!

Use Social Media and strengthen the relationship

As you can already see, social networks are also fundamental spaces to increase the visibility of your brand and relate to prospects.

But not only that: in them, it is possible to remain relevant and even more present in the lives of those who are already client of your company, improving the relationship after the sale!

Be sure to take advantage of our material to choose the social network ideal for your company and understand what type of content performs best in each of them:

And how the Digital marketing It’s a very dynamic strategy that undergoes constant changes, you have to keep up to date and study! With that in mind, I have already separated three other materials for you, who are starting in Digital Marketing:

3 Digital Marketing PDF Ebooks for Beginners

In addition to these and the more than 60 materials from our Free Library on Marketing, Sales and Retention, I also nominate you:

Free Digital Marketing Course for Beginners

In the Basic Digital Marketing course at organicyou will have access to 12 video lessons on the main tools, how to generate traffic and many more!

Join our course below:

Tip: Free Course: Basic Digital Marketing for Companies!

After studying about Digital marketingthe last (and perhaps the most valuable) tip I have for you is:

Put theory into practice!

Develop a Digital Marketing plan for the application in your company and then be sure to carry out tests to analyze the first results and understand what needs to be improved.

That’s how you’ll get the results your business not only wants, but definitely deserves!

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