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How important is the email marketing strategy for an e-commerce?

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Nowadays, who doesn’t have at least one email account active? With the world every time more connectedwe are always attentive to our inboxes to keep up with market news and trends.

In this sense, email marketing for e-commerce proves to be a great tool. This practice consists of sending strategic messages to your contacts, in order to create a good relationship.

Emails are thought of customer needwhich can be divided in the sales funnel, aligning the most relevant content.

So, if your company still doesn’t have a good email marketing practice, this article will change your mind! we will show great benefits of this action. Check out!

Maintains strategic lead nurturing

Email marketing for e-commerce should serve as a synonym for a close relationship. This is an individual channel — although you can create automation flows in groups — in which you make yourself available to your customer to exchange information.

Thinking about the entire purchase journey, each customer goes through programmed stages, in which the need for knowledge changes. So, email marketing can be used precisely to do this nutrition, sending appropriate content and seeking more data about leads.

Communication must have a good frequency, without exaggerating and also without being absent too much. New product launches, promotions and tips are good ideas to be in emails.

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Facilitates the customer loyalty process

Attracting customers is certainly cool, but the best thing is to retain them! When a consumer’s loyalty is conquered, he not only makes recurring purchases, but also attracts new customers to the company, organic form.

How to achieve this? Again the good old email marketing for e-commerce!

if you keep a good contact with the customer, is always present when he needs it, presents the news and contents and shows concern in keeping that relationship solid, the answer will come. It is clear, maintaining the good quality of the product or service.

Increases sales significantly

A great power of email marketing is to increase sales. Every time a consumer opens one of your emails, your brand will be on their mind for awhile.

Incidentally, the visitation fee on the website can go up a lot with sending emails. You can build the message with links to your pages, whether for products, blog content or other purposes.

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It has a very low cost

The cost of creating an email marketing campaign is very low!

There are several options for companies in attracting consumers. To choose what is best for your business, you need to know the indicator very well. ROIReturn On Investmentor Return on Investment.

Speaking of email marketing for e-commerce, this indicator is very positive, since the cost is practically zero.

Allows tracking of actions

How to know if a strategy was really effective or not? keeping a frequent follow-up!

In each e-mail sent you must monitor how the open rate and clicks on links. Other important metric is the unsubscribe rate, which causes the nurturing of that lead to be interrupted.

A good idea is to test different ways of building the message title — a key element for the open rate — in addition to creating different email structures and using different CTAs (Call To Action or call to action).

All this can (and should) be tested to find the best answers from your target audience, optimizing the work and achieving better resultss.

Therefore, we saw that email marketing for e-commerce is fundamental! The benefits are enormous and can make all the difference in your business.

Now that you’ve seen the power of email marketing for e-commerce, how about learn even more about this tool?

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