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Learn how to run a social media campaign that gets results

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Create one social media campaign is no longer a novelty for any manager. These media have become essential tools for any company since it is possible attract new customers and generate conversions with a low investment. However, the question is how to create a strategy that actually delivers results.

It is not difficult to find managers who invest a lot of money in creating ad campaigns but who have no idea of ​​the results generated or who know that they are not achieving what they expected.

If you fit this profile, the time to change is now! Keep reading this content and see how to leverage strategies in social networks.

Steps to a successful social media campaign

Formulate a strategy

One social media campaign can be created for different purposes, whether to generate sales directly, increase brand awareness, launch a new product or market service, leverage a page or profile, among other options. So the first step to have Success is formulating a strategy know what your goals are and where you want to go.

That action is important because the mechanisms of the main platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, use goal setting to seek out potential stakeholders and shoot the ads. In addition to the objective, keep in mind the values ​​available for the campaign and duration time, with start and end date.

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Really know your target audience

Our second defining point for create a social media campaign that really works is as important as the first: knowing your target audience in depth.

You may even think that this is basic, that you are already doing it well, but be sure: if direct your investments for an audience that is not your ideal, your results will never be what you expected — and many companies make this mistake.

You need to know how your target Audience communicates, the type and form of the language, whether they are located in a certain demographic region, the age group and the level of education. This data will help you create more assertive communication, increasing conversion rates.

Plot important follow-up metrics

To find out if your social media campaign is performing well, it is necessary to establish metrics to follow up, the famous KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators. They are performance indicators and help you monitor how your investment is generating return.

In social networks you can follow the number of page followersa engagement rate — which are the comments and shares —, the campaign visibility it’s the volume of clicks on linksand these are just a few ideas for KPIs. The ideal thing is that you think about the objective you want to achieve and what is interesting to follow to know if this goal is being achieved or not.

However, be very careful with the metrics of vanity! At page likes and posts are monitored by many people, not only their own, but also the competition. However, be careful with these indicators, as they do not generate a direct result, an influence that helps explain the objective.

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You can create a post with a fun meme that generates a high rate of likesbut will not necessarily lead to more sales. Do you understand?

Analyze your competitors

Since we mentioned competition in the previous topic, it is good to mention that analyzing companies that compete for the same target Audience that you can generate insights important to your social media campaign.

We’re not saying that you should follow everything another company is doing and copy it, that’s not it. However, it is interesting to seek some ideas and improve them.

Analyze the type of Communicationat publicationsa quality of postsyou covered topics and the audience responsea actuation frequency, among other aspects. Try to identify what is generating the most engagement, what the audience likes or doesn’t.

Always post original content

It is very important that you always post original contentand not the copy of other companies or people — originality generates more credibility, confidence and results.

Content Marketing is a strategy very interesting. With it, your company can attract more consumers, nurture leads, create marketing automation strategies and seek great advantages in the market.

So invest in dissemination of relevant content and original on social networks and see how this can positively impact your results.

Test campaign results on social media

All marketing strategies should always be tested in optimization search. Even if an action generates a great result in company A, it is not a rule that the same gains will be achieved in company B. Therefore, with well-defined performance indicators, make variations of your campaign and test.

These variations can be simple or profound, from changing the color of a button or image, to changing the target audience segmentation. It is important to have technical knowledge to apply these variations without interfere with results.

It is important that the tests are done with periods of time that allow a good analysis of results and that one variable is changed at a time to generate consistent numbers.

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Develop a systemic communication plan

Finally, we must point out that it is necessary to develop a systemic communication plan so that the results are even more effective. THE social media campaign should not be seen as an isolated action, but as a element of a complete strategy and well designed by the team.

Think of all the experience generated for your leads and customers and always look for optimization with tests and results analysis.

So, so far you’ve seen how to make a good social media campaign on its own. If you follow these tips, we are sure that the end result will be much more interesting than what you are used to.

A good alternative to create campaigns for social networks

If you’ve come this far, you’ve noticed that it’s not that simple to make a campaign generate results, Is not it? That’s why many people choose to outsource this challenge!

Those who have a specialized agency will be able to obtain best return on stocks. After all, the agency will know which are the best strategies to use according to the stipulated budget it’s the outlined objective.

Creating content can be a lot of work, so have the support of a agency is essential. With good communication the contents will be directed to your target Audience, attracting new customers retaining those who already know and generating more credibility to the brand.

In addition to set the metrics important, the agency keeps a very close follow-up. Any variation, whether positive or not, will be identified in time for a change.

Remember that the platforms are tools to help brands achieve their goals. Therefore, they can never be ignored or used inefficiently. You can stop throwing money away and invest correctly the way it brings return. It’s all up to you!

Now that you know how format your social media campaign, don’t stop here! Learn right now how to direct your company’s communication to generate more sales!

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