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SaaS: How are companies attracting more users to their software?

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One of the great challenges of all company SaaS is about attracting users to your software. Currently, there are several options that can be used to win more customers. However, it is necessary to bet only on the most efficient strategies to avoid wasting time, money and energy.

If your goal is get more users for software, stay with us. In this article we will show you the top strategies that SaaS companies are using for attract audience. We will talk about how to work with content generation, lead capture, email marketing strategies, among other promising paths.

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Content Generation

One of the best ways to attract potential customers is to create free content that is relevant for your audience. The strategy may even seem contradictory. However, by generating value for free, you directly attract the interested public clears doubts from your future customers, break sales objections, and so on.

Tip: Find out how to use content marketing to strengthen your brand!

Some of the most used formats in content marketing are:

blog articles

The blog can be linked to your company’s main website, bringing articles, infographics and others materials that clarify doubts of your audience.

Videos on Youtube

Create a Youtube channel and produce videos with tips and tutorials can also attract users to software helping your SaaS company.


Depending on the profile of your audience, it might be worth producing audio content to be consumed while people are in traffic, at the gym or doing different daily activities.

Important tip: when thinking about content generation, it is important to consider SEO strategies, that is, the optimization of websites and content for search engines such as Google. Counting on a partner who understands SEO, it becomes possible attract more users with the same production effort.

Lead Capture and Nurturing

Fewer and fewer people make impulse purchases on the internet. Typically, the consumer needs know your company in the background and create a relationship with her before close the contract. This is only possible if you keep in touch constantly. Therefore, it is essential to work on capturing leads (potential customers).

Having data such as someone’s e-mail and name, your company can send periodic content to build a relationship and lead that person to buy in a natural way (lead nurturing).

Some alternatives to generate and nurture leads are:

Production of rich materials

Rich materials are contents information you offer in exchange for the user’s contact information. For example: e-books, guides on a certain subject, complete tutorials, trial versions, among others. The idea is to make materials available as interesting that the person will be willing to fill in their data to download or have access.

Email marketing automations

Once the user leaves the email to receive more information, you can nourish it automatically. Just program a email sequence with useful content that answers your audience’s doubts. This can be done through a system of e-mail marketing. For best results, enlist the help of an agency to build this nutrition flow.

Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful tool for connecting with your audience. Click on the banner below and receive our material for free to generate more results with this indispensable tool!

Sending a newsletter

If the user is looking for a software it’s probably because he likes to keep up to date with trends and rely on best tools. Therefore, make it clear that your company send content weekly or fortnightly with market news. So you can capture even more leads.

lead scoring

Are you a person who likes numbers and concrete results? Then you will love the Lead Scoring strategy. The purpose of lead scoring is to score and rank the leads that are most interested by your company. That is, those who open and click on emails, download materials, access different pages, etc.

Based on Lead Scoring your in-house sales team can contact the most interested leads. Or, you can send more in-depth content for these people.

Important tip: choose a partner or supplier that develops APIs that can connect your CRM to marketing. So your leads are much more likely to if turn into sales.

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