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Inbound Marketing on YouTube: How to do it?

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Imagine being able to get inside your potential customers’ heads and discover:

  • What kind of doubts do they have?
  • What problems do you face?
  • Where do you want to go?

like the second most used search engine in the worldO YouTube has become a “digital confessional”, where people search for solutions to questions or problems they don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else (not even their own acquaintances).

mount a inbound marketing strategy Taking advantage of opportunities like this has become one of the best ways to get your business found — and to sell to those who matter!

So what are you waiting for? Stay here with me to understand how to do Inbound Marketing on YouTube and enjoy the best of it!

What is Inbound Marketing?

Also called “New Marketing”, Inbound Marketing is a methodology in which a company starts by making valuable content available in the most varied channels of Digital Marketing, such as blogs, social networks and even in the YouTube.

In other words: instead of wasting resources (or exhausting the patience of others) pushing superficial sales at inopportune moments, the Inbound Marketing offers “bait” and invests in personalized communication based on permission to speak directly with the attracted people.

Once these people become leads by also consuming what we call rich materialsthen comes the opportunity to build a relationship of trust between the company and these potential customers.

By observing the interactions of leads in this relationship, it is possible to segment groups of leads (with different tastes and behaviors) to indicate which ones are those who are closest to buyand which ones still need to be nurtured before receiving a commercial proposal.

After the purchase, the Inbound Marketing still makes it possible to delight the customer even more, until the company reaches the loyalty his. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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Why do Inbound Marketing on YouTube?

Behind only Google, the YouTube is now the second most accessed search engine on the Internet — resulting in billions of views a day!

To do Inbound Marketing on YouTube is a fantastic strategy not only to get your company on the radar of your target audience, but also to guide each new lead through the entire buying journey through their own videos on the brand’s channel.

Not to mention that 70% of the audience on YouTube consumes videos on their cell phones, which further expands the opportunities for strengthen a relationship with the public to deliver exactly what he’s looking for—when he needs it most.

But for all this audience to convert into positive numbers in your company’s salesa, it is critical that video creation becomes an adjunct to diversifying the types of content and rich materials your business offers.

How to do Inbound Marketing on YouTube?

Define your persona

Personas are the ideal customer profiles for your business. The more specific you are, the greater your chances of creating high converting campaigns.

Underestimating this step is one of the main mistakes made by inexperienced companies, which end up disappearing in an ocean of repetitive and irrelevant content. So if you want your company to really stand out and do not produce “more of the same” contentdeveloping a strategic plan for the definition of the persona is indispensable!

Speaking to the right audience—in the right way—is the base of the pyramid in a strategy of Inbound Marketingand this is no different in YouTube.

Explore Content Marketing

When you define your personas, you have a map of what can work to attract attention and also, Nurture your audience’s trust.

Think about what keywords your personas would use to find search answers. From these keywords, also consider which micro-moment these personas are in.

It is important to know whether, when conducting a search on the YouTubethese people want:

  • Cure a curiosity? (For example, “What is Digital marketing?”)
  • Find directions to get somewhere? (“How to get to Digital Organic?”)
  • Follow a step by step to learn something new? (“Easy carrot cake recipe.”)
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of a product before you buy? (“What’s the best cell phone in 2022?”)

Also consider:

  • Which image and phrase in your video thumbnail (thumbnail) would be most likely to make the audience click on your content?
  • What narrative dynamic would make him watch your video to the end?
  • What emotional trigger would answer your calls to action (CTAs)?

remember that the YouTube is not just for entertainment: it is a search engine. Therefore, also apply IF THE in titles, descriptions and tags to improve the position of your content in search results.

Tip: [PERGUNTA] What is SEO and what is it for?

Promote lectures and live classes

Offering live classes, lectures, and online events not only contributes greatly to engagement, but is also a great way to convert subscribers into leads, test the viability of a product, and refine the language used with your personas.

In fact, the video below is an example of a live class on YouTube that I gave a few years ago and that, until today, is generating leads for Orgânica without us having to do anything else!

Furthermore, it is possible to reuse and recycle content from a video on other channels or content formats, such as blog posts, social media posts, e-books, podcasts…

Drive the audience to a landing page

It’s not enough to just have views and turn curious visitors into channel subscribers. Right?

What you can also do, then, is invest in creating a landing page with an exclusive incentive, such as more in-depth content (which can be in video), in which you provide a form where interested parties can leave name and email addressfor example, to gain access.

Optimize your Inbound Marketing with Organic!

Publish videos on YouTube it’s not for every business. But with more than 50% of consumers expecting the brands they follow to post videos on the internet, this onslaught could be just what you’re missing. achieve better results.

The most interesting thing about using the YouTube at the Inbound Marketing is to take advantage of what it does best: serve as a lifetime traffic source, which distribute your content for free and attract the right audience, so that you can then convert it into leads in a totally controlled strategy. Request the diagnosis of Organic free Digital Marketing. We’ll show you what you can do to convert visitors into more customers for your business!

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